52 Lists: List Why You Love Someone Special

Hey everyone!
Because I'm so swamped with launching the new site, I'm still going to continue the 52 lists Project but just in an easier way for me to manage for the next few weeks :)  I will simply be announcing the prompt each week along with providing a free download of the prompt page.  I'll also keep the Linky List up so everyone can connect and see each other's lists!  So, this week's Prompt is...

For my whole life, I've loved communicating love to my family and friends through writing.  I think I am much better at communicating my feelings and thoughts through written word more so than speaking.  My dad, having gone to school for law a brief blip, always warned me "never put anything in writing because you never know if your opinion will change or blablabla."  I see his point in a few aspects, but let's be real here, I write everything out.  And I love being able to give someone I love a written, tactile token of my love.  I have no regrets for writing love letters that I wrote in the past.  As long as I know that I have always tried to be kind with my words that I have written int he past, I have no regrets.  And I have no worries if those words that may have lost their meaning over time still remain on old scraps of paper.
This week, lets write a list that is dedicated to someone you love.  It could be your mom, your boyfriend, your daughter, a friend, a hero of yours, an old teacher, whoever you feel inspired to write for.  Take the week to keep adding to the list, noting all of those little things that you value in your special someone.  Then when the week is up, think about giving your list to that certain someone!  It could make their day to feel so acknowledged, thought of and loved.

As always, feel free to download the PDF list above or write down your list in a journal.  If you post about it on Twitter, Instagram, your blog, or Pinterest, then stop back here and link up your list so we can all visit each others lists and gain inspiration & insight from one another.

Use the hashtag:  #52lists2013 if you post your list on twitter / instagram / pinterest.  And be sure to tag @mooreaseal so I can find your lists!

You're welcome to join in the 52 Lists project at anytime!  Visit the 52 Lists page to check out all the lists and jump in wherever you'd like :)  


iHanna said...

I was kind of hoping for several list prompts so we can catch up... I enjoy writing these lists in my diary and would love to have ALL of them there at the end of the year, if you can manage... Thx!

Christopher Seal said...

Actually, I was quoting your great grandfather, The Hon. Judge OE Houston, who always used to advise..."Never write down anything you don't want read in court." Sound advice, I think.

PK said...

I too have been waiting for the catch-up lists. I understand you are swamped with the website and all, but you have a lot of fans depending on you to maintain this list. Please, if you can, post the missing weeks for us. Many thanks for this awesome project.

Rebecca Bush said...

Jumping in here, but can't you just search the hashtag and look at other people's old lists and figure it out? http://hashgr.am/52lists2013

Rebecca Bush said...

Jumping in here, but can't you just search the hashtag and look at other people's old lists and jot them down? http://hashgr.am/52lists2013