Black & White Summer

As you may already know, I am OBSESSED with black and whites.  When I've gone to conferences through out this year, packing has been extremely simple.  I just grab everything black and white in my closet, shove it in a bag.  And no matter what, I have some sort of outfit I can throw together!  Easy peasy.  I think that black and white outfits and accessories are the most simple way to create a chic and cool look without having to even think about it.  Come check out our favorite black and white accessories on our new retail site mooreaseal.com!


Holly Strother said...

those glasses!!! <3


ginger from bliss-ologie said...

Ooh. I never thought I'd cheat on my aviators but I need some black and white sunnies. Sadly, I look ridiculous in a floppy hat.