The New Retail Site, MooreaSeal.com, Launches Tonight at Midnight!

Guess what's happening tonight at midnight everyone?  My new retail site, Mooreaseal.com, has it's grand opening officially beginning on July 22nd!  Shall I tell you what it's all about?

The Moorea Seal store is a curated selection of beautiful accessories and objects, highlighting handmade artists from the United States.  Each of our handmade designers have been hand picked my me with thoughtful intention.  We care about not only curating unique goods but developing personal relationships with our vendors, valuing their experience on our site just as much as our wonderful customers.  A happy home makes a happy heart, as they say!  And we work hard to cultivate that happy home within our site, for our customers, our vendors, and our staff.  We are inspired by the city of Seattle, the adventuresome spirit of the great Pacific Northwest, and the beautiful balance of a sleek, chic metropolitan city surrounded by fresh and rustic nature.  We seek to do good beyond the material, creating a community that empowers and supports others. 7% of all proceeds from our store benefit five non profit categories, all of which are close to our hearts.

We believe that with the more that one may gain, the more a person is responsible for doing something good for the world with what they have.  This motivation to not only do great as a store but to do good for others at the same time is the essential factor to our business.  Something really special about our site is that not only is it full of gorgeous products but there is meaning behind what we do, beyond the beauty and practical needs of the store itself.  We care about bringing good into the world and my closer communities.  We care about working hard, taking the hardships of life and using them as motivation to do better and be better, to do great things.  Our staff and site motto is "DO GOOD, DO GREAT."  We want to be successful as a business, of course, but beyond that, we want to do something really good with our work.  With every purchase that is made, 7% of all proceeds are donated to various worthy Non Profits. Five non profits are featured on a rotating basis within the categories of Children's Issues, Women's Causes, Protecting Our Planet, Health & Wellness, and Caring for Animals. You can shop by product type, by designer, and by social cause!

Are you ready for a peek at some of our launch lookbooks?  Margaret Jacobsen was our incredible editorial photographer and shot all of our lookbooks.  She's just amazing!  I love the dreamy warm vibe of her photography.  The ever so lovely Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky was kind enough to model for our Home Hangout lookbook along with our friend Masumi.  Elizabeth was even so kind as to let us use her gorgeous home as a photoshoot location!  I got a peek at her home decor through her blog and instagram a few weeks ago and immediately knew that her personal home style would perfectly fit the products in our store.  Luckily for us, she lives just 45 mins away form our studio!

Be sure to visit MOOREASEAL.COM tonight after midnight or tomorrow to celebrate the grand opening with us!  
If you sign up for our mailing list, feel free to use the code:  HOORAY! to get 10% off at check out!


Ashlee said...

The images look so gorgeous and I've been so excited for this launch! Hooray!

Courtneyvk said...

So exciting! Congratulations on your new endeavor, I know it is going to bloom into something bigger than you could ever imagine.

These photos are stunning.


Molly Clark said...

I might actually be so excited as to stay up til midnight to look. Everything looks fabulous! It's so awesome seeing big, heartfelt projects like this come to fruition. I'm working on something dear to me right now as well that launches next week, and has to do with coffee. I might email you about it so I can get opinions from you and your mister. :) Good job lady(ies)!

Moorea Seal said...

Sounds great! Definitely email me about it. My boyfriend is a a pretty hardcore critic of all things coffee related, so if you need someone for beta testing anything, he is your guy!!! I have to say, our week of beta testing was SO great since we got about 20 people to test and we got a great gathering of feedback. Shoot me an email if you'd like and I can forward anything on to my boyfriend :)
- Moorea

Natalie Britton said...

So excited, so excited! :)


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

congrats! i am off to visit.

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

<3 of course i love these photos! GREAT job lady! xoxox

CaninesCouture said...

Congrats! What an exciting time for you. Were you at Alt SF this last week? I feel like I saw you there but perhaps it was somebody who just looked like you. :)

Jules of Canines & Couture

Nikita Brown said...

Congrats!! Happy that the day is now here after reading about how hard you have been working on it. I will def be visiting!

Nik of OhThatsNik