Backpack Season!

Well check out these little cuties!  I have to admit, I am kind of a backpack-aholic.  I have my one little purse I use, my one big tote, and then my 3 different backpacks I love.  So when I was planning for Fall in the new store, I knew we needed to stock up on some super cute backpacks for back to school season!  Come check out all the new backpacks that are now in the store as of today!
I think backpacks are a way better option than purses for quite a few reasons.   My first reason being that, oh man, your shoulders and your whole entire body will feel better if you have a balance of weight distributed across your shoulders, not just one shoulder with a heavy purse.  Secondly, backpacks are generally more organized and have more pockets that purses.  Thirdly, you can usually fit your laptop in a backpack plus they often have a special padded pocket for your laptop.  Fourth, you can use your backpack when biking or scootering and they're generally just way more easy to deal with when using any mode of transportation.  Fifth, I just love backpacks :)
A few of my favorites:
1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6


birdsandoxfords said...

love backpacks :) these are cute!
-Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

Heather said...

ooh, moorea. these backpacks are great! i certainly don't *need* to be spending money on cute things right now, but with these options, i might not be able to resist. looks like your store has really taken off - congrats!

Angie Bailey said...

Ahhhh, I love #2, #3 and #5! I am definitely a backpack girl, though messenger bags are also wonderful!

Faith said...

You have fabulous taste in backpacks. :) I may have to get one of my own!

thelilfashionbox said...

I love all these backpacks! backpacks are the best, especially for uni!! <3

Jing ~ thelilfashionbox