Madewell Denim Week

This week I am partnering with one of my favorite brands, Madewell, to share a few different ways to style a pair of jeans from their new denim collection.  These Skinny Skinny Jeans are THE best.  Just like pretty much every other woman in the world, I don't particularly enjoy shopping for jeans.  So when I was invited to try on some of Madewell's denim from their new collection, I was excited to see how they fit and would wear over time.  I've been wearing these jeans non-stop now for the last three weeks and I am still obsessed.  

The color & wash is really lovely.  I usually gravitate to a very dark denim, so these were a refresher for my closet, and the fit is wonderful.  I am usually a size 6, so I went with the size 28 which fits perfectly.  And the length on these particular pants is 32 inches which is just what I like.  I'm 5'9" and the 32" length means the jeans scrunch up a little bit at the bottom and still cover my ankles when I am sitting down.  I like my jeans to sit a little higher on my hips and most of Madewell's jeans do just that, including these beauties.  

My sweet friend Margaret shot all of these photos.  Not only is she one of my dearest friends, but her photography skills are just outstanding.  I've known her since she started in photography a few years ago and she just gets better and better with every shoot.  When she showed me all of the photos from our day of shooting last week I just felt so good about myself, I felt truly pretty.  I think a great photographer not only takes good looking photos but is able to bring out the best in their subject.  Margaret does just that.  
I can really say I feel so good about myself after seeing these photos, it's a funny thing.  Just last week I explained how I wanted to take more outfit photos so I can work on being comfortable in my skin.  And gosh, shooting with Margaret did just that, I felt and do feel after looking at the photos that I am not just fine, but happy with my body.  I am honestly at the heaviest weight I have ever been in my life and am about 10 pounds over the ideal weight range for my height.  But you know what, I am not made to be a waif and I know that I am healthy and am working on taking care of my body better.  So as long as I eat well, sleep well, exercise, and have a positive outlook on life, being 10 pounds over or under the ideal weight for my height doesn't matter.  I am not the world's ideal, I am me, and I am well.

Denim  //  c/o Madewell
Blouse  //  Nordstrom
Sunglasses  //  Ray Bans
Heels  //  Nordstrom
Jewelry  //  Moorea Seal Store
Bag  //  by Milkhaus Designs available at MooreaSeal.com

Thank you for supporting the brands that support Moorea-Seal.com.  With their partnership, I'm able to keep this special space thriving!


Amanda k. said...

These photos are beautiful, Moorea! I'm usually super cheap when it comes to jeans, but I may have to try these out.

Becca said...

Those jeans look amazing on you! Lovely photos, too!

I've never tried on any of the jeans at Madewell, but I'll have to check them out!

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Angie Bailey said...

Those are SO sexy! I am a total denim girl. I am slowly getting into the idea of maxi dresses and skirts, but I love pants the most. I've been going for skinnier styles, as I love them, and boot cut, though I am looking for a pair of loose fitting "relaxed" jeans that can be worn all casual cute. BUT, anyway, these are fabulous! Madewell is pretty cool! I've never tried their jeans, but I totally trust your judgement!

Angela said...

I popped on over to Madewell to check out the denim and ended up looking at cute fall shoes! I love them too much.

Just checked out your friend Margaret's blog and she has some beautiful photos!


Jhon Frank said...

you look so beautiful when you smile.

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Morgann Crook said...

Lovely, Moorea. Your hair looks amazing in a topknot!



PS>>I'm doing a lovely easy-peasy giveaway on my blog this week!

Andrea Carpenter said...

LOVE these photos. you are so gorgeous and those jeans look incredible on you. so excited about this collaboration!