Sales Sales Sales!

Tis the season for sales shopping!  Growing up, my grandma would take me and my sisters on a big shopping trip each Fall before school started.  And as an adult, I've moved every single year since I was 18 in the Fall.  Thats almost ten years of moving every single year or even more often than that!  I crave that change and refresh when summer starts to come to an end, and this year, since I am NOT moving this Fall (alleluia!) I have been getting the itch to rearrange every room in my apartment and my studio and I've been craving a refresh of my closet.  I thought I should share with you some of my favorite sales for Fall.  Time to liven up your exhausted closet with some new treasures!

Modcloth is having a 70% off sale right now!  Eek!

Nordstrom has always been my favorite places to shop for Fall because they always have great deals in August and September.  Come check out their sale which includes lots of Top Shop items that are 50% off!   I've had my eyes on these boots for some time now.  

Asos is having a 50% off sale!  I would like THIS dress please.

Let's go shopping!
xo MooreaFall

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Anonymous said...

the week we start a budget...all the sales.