Texas Style Council Re-Cap

photo from Teika
Texas Style Council was my fourth large conference this year and I think it was my favorite so far simply because so many of my blog friends were there.  It was a huge thrill meeting all of these girls above plus so many other wonderful women.  Can you spot some of your favorite bloggers in the photo above?  This was from the Minnetonka dinner I attended at Max's Wine Dive.  One of the ladies on our staff, Tram, actually recommended Max's Wine Dive to me as a place I should go to while in Austin, so it was a fun treat to end up there on the first day of being in Austin.

photo by Savannah
Oh my sweet Chelsey-kins.  Chelsey from The Paper Mama and I have been roommates at quite a few conferences this year.  She's basically my conference wife.  This photo was taken while at TxSC Prom.  It was such a fun night, chatting away with old blog friends who have turned into new real life friends.  I spent a good portion of the night dancing away on the dance floor with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, Julie from Orchid Grey, and some other dancing gals.  Julie & Elizabeth definitely have dancing skillz yo.

Chelsey, Julie and I shared an Air BnB while in Austin.  Have you heard of Air Bnbs?  This was my first time staying at one and it was so great!  Ours was this cute little guest house behind the owner's main house.  She stocked the fridge & cupboards with breakfast necessities, snacks, beer, and some other treats.  I wish we could have enjoyed the beautiful little outdoor set up that the owner had ready for us each night but it was way too hot.  There was a fire pit, tons of twinkling lights, and a little gazebo hang out spot.  Too cute.  This was our Air Bnb.

I was so incredibly excited to get to see the wonderful ladies of Maiedae, Savannah & Jenny while in Austin.  I actually met Savannah about two years ago while I was selling my jewelry at a street fair here in Seattle.  She happened to be in Seattle visiting and saw on instagram where I was and came and found me!  These girls are just the most inviting spirits, I love em'.  Maybe they just have that magical Georgia charm.
It was so lovely meeting the sweet and adorable Elsie from A Beautiful Mess as well.  For years, she has been such a huge source of support, inspiration, and encouragement for me.  When I was just starting out in jewelry design a few years ago, she always had the sweetest things to say about my work.  She was actually one of my first wholesale accounts for my jewelry when we stocked some of my bling in her store front.  She also was kind enough to request that I work with her and the beautiful Emma, her sister, to redesign Emma's blog 2 years ago.  Blog designing ended up not being that path that I wanted to pursue as a career, but I appreciate so much that she respected and dug my style at the time.  I really admire Elsie as a wise and adaptable business woman.  I also loved getting to meet Emma & Katie from Skunkboy Creatures.  Katie is just as gorgeous as she is in photos folks, and just as sweet and kind as I had expected :)  And congrats to Emma on her recent wedding!

A little photo booth fun sponsored by Bonlook at the TxSC prom.  I had such a great time chatting with Teika from Selective Potential when a bunch of us went out for food on the last night.  It turns out that she actually went to the same high school as one of my best friends in Michigan.  In January I met a rad girl who actually was neighbors with my friend in Michigan when they were growing up!  I guess Michigan breeds awesome and adventurous women.

photo by Savannah

Here are Jenny again, Kendi from Kendie Everyday & her hubs, Susie who quickly gained the nickname German Susie!  Me, and the most genuine and sweet Jen from Jen Loves Kev.  Ok, first of all, Kendi is HILARIOUS.  I had a great time chatting and hanging with her and a bunch of fun ladies & gents on the last night of TxSC.  Jen is just a pure sweetheart.  You can probably tell from her blog that she is a kind and thoughtful woman and it couldn't be more true of an assumption.  I really dig her.  Our presentations/talks were at the same time on Sunday afternoon, along with Julie's, so I'll have to catch their talks online thanks to the video recordings that captured all the discussions & presentations at the conference.  And we can't forget German Susie!  Oh my gosh, I just immediately clicked with this girl.  I do hope she hops on the blogging band wagon now that she came to the conference and gained some inspiration!  I had such a blast hanging out with her throughout the weekend.

I was so thrilled to get to hangout with Julie on and off all weekend.  I just think she's so great, super down to earth, fun, and a free spirit.  We both have a lot of hair.

Austin roomies, sweltering away in the heat as we waited to get breakfast with Elizabeth, Jenny, Savannah, and Indiana from Adored Austin.  My presentation on how to harness the power of Pinterest on Sunday went really well I think, other than having issues with the powerpoint for a solid 15 mins of the first part of the presentation.  I will definitely post an online version of the presentation on my blog soon!

At the conference, I gave out a ton of free gifts from my jewelry line while I met bloggers from across the US.  I brought special presents for my roommates who wore their new jewelry all weekend.  Thank you girls!  And on Saturday, Elizabeth and Indiana happened to both wear the Tribal Queen necklaces from my shop as well!  I had to snap a pic of all of them wearing their handmade by me bling :)

On the last night of the conference, I realized that I was on the same flight out as Julie & Susie!  So funny and they were two of the ladies I hung out with most at the conference.  Julie was headed to San Francisco for business, Susie was headed to SF for fun and to meet up with friends, and I just had a layover in SF.  We were able to grab seats together which was comforting when the first 20 mins of our flight wer super rocky and bumpy, eek!

I'm already missing so many friends from this weekend and feel so lucky to have gotten to hang with so many of them at one time.  I will absolutely be returning to Austin next March for the next Texas Style Council.  Will you be there too?


Savannah Wallace said...

SO much fun!!! Loved reading through this. :D Again, it was SO GREAT spending time with you at the conference!

Roots and Feathers said...

These photos are so fun! I just about cried all weekend watching them flood in since I couldn't be there! lol. So happy to got to meet more of your online friends and hang out with ones youve known for a while. Four conferences in a year? whoa mama. I am really hoping to go next year. SXSW is such a crazy time to have it though!! Crowds are so not my thing. Im actually super nervous to even go to a conference bc of all the people! yikes!

Jenny Highsmith said...

Love this!!! :) AND you!!! It was such a wonderful weekend

Ashlee said...

I loved all these photos and it's so great to keep hearing everyone's Texas Style Council re-cap's! If I would've been there I would've totally geeked out over some of the bloggers, inwardly of course! So awesome that you got to meet so many amazing people! <3

Michelle | CreatureType.com said...

Aahhh, all your guys' recaps, instagrams, and tweets have me so sad and envious! So many amazing ladies all in one place! And that place was AUSTIN! Haha, I've been dying to visit. Maybe one day I'll be able to swing the trip!

thedemuremuse.com said...

I've been reading the recaps of a lot of the bloggers in your photos and LOVE how much fun it looks like you all had over the weekend! What was your favourite part about the conference? How would you compare Texas style council to any of the other conferences you attended earlier in the year?


Andy Z said...

Yay!! Love it..I had a blast too:)

Check out my recap..

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I absolutely loved reading through this, Moorea! It was so great to meet you + hang out in Austin!! Hope to see you again sooner rather than later!! xo

Moorea Seal said...

Miss you already!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

The good news is that the texas style council is full of incredibly humble, sweet, and fun girls and I just KNOW you'd love it. I'm actually an introvert but because everyone is so friendly and nice, I just turn into an extrovert there. You should definitely try to come and buddy up with me. I know you'll find yourself floating around catching up with old friends and making new ones. Plus it's amazing promotion for your business!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Miss ya lady!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Oh I was geeking out over the bloggers I met too :) I think everyone has at least a few bloggers at each conference that they are dying to meet, whether you have a bajillion blog followers or just one or two :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Austin was so awesome! It was my first time there and I loved it. BUT it was soooo incredibly hot. 104 degrees which is SO not my jam. I like staying around 70 degrees :) There will be another texas style council in March, you should come!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

I'd say that the women at this conference were the most friendly and fun of all the conferences I have been too. Everyone was extremely humble and inviting. And surprisingly, though this was a fashion conference, most everyone was pretty casual yet dressed up compared to other conferences where people super dress up!
I loved it :) My favorite part was just getting to meet so many friends I have had on the web for the alst few years all at once!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Ooh, I"ll be sure to check out your post!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Definitely! Let me know if you are ever in Seattle and I'd love to show you around :) And let's for sure plan on seeing each other again in March at the next TxSC!
xo Moorea

petal and plume said...

looks like the best time ever! you ladies are beautiful!

Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

The top photo is actually from my camera, although it was Kev who actually took the photo. So many fun photos from the weekend! I love the one before prom with the TxSC bat-signal light behind us!!