Texas Style Council with A Beautiful Mess

The ladies from A Beautiful Mess made some adorable videos while at Texas Style Council.  Elsie was one of our very first customers in our store which I am so appreciative of, and she toted her adorable Tahitian clutch all over Texas Style Council.  Sorry guys, the clutch has already sold out!  But we are going on another buying trip this week so hopefully we can scoop some more up!
It really was so special getting to meet Elsie as she is someone I really admire as a young business woman.  She and Emma have accomplished so much at such a young age and my goal is to do the same.  I'm really proud of these girls and grateful for their support of all that I have done in the past, all the way up to the present.  They are sweethearts.

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Holly Strother said...

You are all soo adorable!