We're in Long Beach, CA!

Guess who is back in California for a few days?  My operations manager Jenette & I are here visiting my business partner Reed!  Reed is also my cousin, so coming back to visit Long Beach, CA is a twice yearly ritual in my family already.  Now I expect to be back here even more often than twice yearly as this is my second time back in 3 months!  I love Long Beach.  My family has actually been in Long Beach for 4 generations on my dad's side.  My mom's side of the family was been in the Los Angeles area for 6 generations, how wild is that!  We are hardcore Californians, though I am the outlier of my entire extended family and am the only one living outside of California, in Washington.  My immediate family is also the outlier in my extended family as my parents and sisters live in Northern California, not Southern.

It took me 8 years to finally switch over to a Washington drivers license, talk about noncommittal!  It took me years to admit, ok, I AM a Seattlite. But I really doubt I'll ever be able to say I am a Washingtonian.  I'll be a Californian to the core for the rest of my life.  This is the state that contains all of my family.  It's the state where I met my boyfriend all the way back in high school but didn't start dating him until after college.  It's the state that shaped my perspective, my home state, the state that contains my home town.  My history is here, not just for my lifetime but so many generations of my family.  And though I haven't lived here for over 8 years, and though I don't plan on moving back anytime soon, I just love California.

Jenette and I have a few meeting scattered through out the next 2 days but I'd love to hear your recommendations for what we should do while we are here!  This is the first trip in forever that I actually have significant downtime to hangout.  I love hanging out on 4th street in Long Beach, shopping at all of the best vintage stores and getting coffee at Portfolio Cafe (btw, I'm super bummed by the remodeling they did inside.  It totally lost all of it's character.  Boo).  So if you are around that hood, you might be able to spot us as we wander around there later today. :)  We definitely plan on hitting the beach, maybe in Corona Del Mar today and tomorrow.  And I'm thinking of maybe going to check out Oh, Hello Friend's store front in Fullerton.  I've never done any of the touristy funny things in Long Beach like tour the Queen Mary, but eh, I think I'd rather do smaller fun things while we are here.  What are your recommendations?

xo Moorea


Bri said...

I'm also a hardcore Californian turned Seattle transplant! I did my undergrad at Long Beach State, it's such a cool city. You really can't beat 4th Street, but I always get a kick out of wandering 2nd Street//Belmont Shore: Frosted Cupcakery, Powell's Sweet Shoppe, cute little boutiques, awesome restaurants, the beach... Oh and I don't know if it's still there, but there used to be a boutique where everything was around $16 bucks-- they had some cute stuff! Hope you have fun on your trip!!
<3 Bri (http://comfyncurrent.blogspot.com [under construction lol])

Cara Howard said...

AH I WORK IN THE LBC!!! Would love to hang out Moorea!!!

Noor said...

My dads family are Scottish and Irish and my moms German and both have been living in the South since they came to the country in the 1700's. Actually almost everyone in the South have Irish/Scottish blood. SO ALL of my family have lived in TN since they came to this country. The county we live in even has the name of the man who helped get it which was an Irish man. My brothers and I all live abroad now and are the only ones who ever left home.

Jasmine Jarvis said...

Haha I'm so the opposite! I grew up in Washington and ended up in California (although soon to be returning to Washington again). It took me forever to admit to being a Californian and switch my license and all that. Although now when I visit Washington it's more clear than ever how both states have influenced me. Enjoy Long Beach! I'm just south of you in Huntington.

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh about the driver license thing. When I moved to California from Washington it took me about 6 years to get a California license - three months after my Washington one expired. Then we moved back to Washington and I waited three years to get a new license - two days before it expired.

And...we're moving back to California in the spring.

Charla Brummel said...

Hi! I did the opposite move...from Seattle to Long Beach. I've been a SoCal girl for the past 13 years. I just got back from a visit to Seattle. I love it but could just never endure the rain again (24 years was enough growing up!). Hope you enjoyed your stay!!!