What I Wore // Black and White in Austin, TX

I'm back from Texas Style Council!  Oh my gosh, it is was SUCH a blast, and so incredibly hot in Austin!  I had never been to Austin before, though I had always dreamt about going.  It's such a rad city.  There are certain parts of it that really remind me of Seattle, Portland, and my favorite street in Long Beach, CA.  The heat was pretty unbearable, topping off at 104 degrees.  Oof!  But it was tons of fun beside feeling like I was on fire every time I stepped outside.  There are a ridiculous amount of amazing vintage stores, my favorite being Uncommon Objects.  It contains the most insanely beautifully collections of vintage objects I have ever seen.  They were kind enough to let me snap some photos inside so I'll be giving you some sneak peeks into their store later this week.

This was the outfit I wore on the second day of the conference.  On the first day, it was so hot outside that my shoes literally melted and fell apart.  I was walking down the street with a few friends and my right shoe just fell apart!  The whole heel peeled off and when I took it off, one of the straps suddenly fell off as well.  It was 10 minutes before I was headed to a dinner with Minnetonka Moccasins so I had to run into a little store and quickly buy some shoes.  I of course got blisters from the new wedges after walking a few blocks to the dinner, so boy was I grateful for the new moccasins that Minnetonka gave me at the dinner!  I'll have to blog about them this week or next :)

After the dinner with Minnetonka, we all headed to the Lulu's Clothing Swap.  Everyone at the conference brought 2 pieces of clothing and one book to swap.  Dispersed through out all of the clothing we brought, Lulu's also planted a ton of their pieces.  So when everyone rushed in to grab their 2 new items of clothing, I grabbed 2 lulu's pieces I was eyeing, one of them being this striped skirt.  Because I am quite curvy up top, I get nervous sometimes wearing things two high on my waist or I'll feel like a big blob.  But Chelsey convinced me that this skirt was made for my true waist.  I'm usually afraid I'll look too cutesie cutesie in fluffy skirts like this but I actually really love this adorable fluffy skirt from Lulu's!

Here's a nice treat of a photo revealing a bit of the more bratty/sassy side of my personality... Oh lord.  Thank you Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky for snapping these shots of me!  I had such a fun time hanging out with Elizabeth all weekend, as per usual.  She's from just 45 mins outside of Seattle and is my favorite Washington blogger buddy.  She's endlessly entertaining and I can't help but get a little goofy around that girl ;)

Shirt  //  Nordstrom
Skirt  //  c/o Lulu's
Bag  //  by Milkhaus Designs in the Moorea Seal store
Shoes  //  Nordstrom Rack
Necklace  //  by Evidence Jewelry in the Moorea Seal Store
Midi Rings  //  Moorea Seal Store

all photos by Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky


CaninesCouture said...

I'm completely lovin' on those shoes. I live in flats and those are right up my ally.

Jules of Canines & Couture

e m m a ▼ d e e r said...

I loved seeing everyone's photos of the conference! Seemed like a super great time with a bunch of awesome ladies!
e m m a ▼ d e e r

katie walker said...

super cute! love the prints together :)


Anna Sinclair said...

That skirt is awesome!

Mallory said...

I loved your panel - it was one of my favorites from the weekend, despite the technical glitches at the beginning!

Meanz Chan said...

Looove that skirt. Wish I was able to attend! I would've loved to meet you!

Kailey said...

That skirt is GORGEOUS! Love the pattern on it!

Ladies in Navy said...

darling skirt!
kw Ladies in Navy

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! That skirt is absolutely adorable :)


Moorea Seal said...

They're the best! I've worn them to the ground over the last few years, but they've really lasted well. The shoes from Nordstrom & Nordstrom Outlet always last for forever.
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

It was just amazing. Everyone there was so friendly and inviting :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you!. I love print mixing :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thanks! It's super stiff too and holds its shape really well.
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Aw I'm so glad, thank you! Yea I was a bit worried for the first 15 mins, but I'm glad I got to say everything I wanted to plus answer some questions. It was tons of fun once we figured out how to handle the projector problem! ;)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you! Well there will be another texas style council in March! You should come!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thanks! And your profile icon is SUPER RAD!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thanks so much!

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you, it was a bit hot in boiling Austin, but I just love the skirt and couldn't resist :)
xo Moorea