What I Wore // M for Moorea

It's funny, in everyday life, I wear jeans almost everyday.  But when I take outfit photos normally, I feel like I need to wear a skirt of a dress.  Somehow dresses and skirts have been embedded in my brain as "dressed up" where as I don't immediately think that jeans can be worn in a more dressed up way.  In actuality, jeans can look super chic when paired with the right shoes.  Your top doesn't even need to be that fancy as long as you have some great heels to rock.  If I couldn't get sick of wearing heels, I would wear this outfit everyday.  Great jeans, a casual collared top, and some gorgeous pumps are the key elements to my favorite outfits.

 Jeans  //  c/o Madewell
Glasses  //  Prescription Ray-Bans
Shirt  //  Madewell
Shoes  //  Vince Camuto
Jewelry  //  Moorea Seal Store

Photography by Margaret Jacobsen
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NIKA said...

Oh I really like your outfit!:) It's the same kind of "Comfy-Weekend Look" like I'd love to wear during summer/pre-autumn!:)


Cara Howard said...

Seriously girlfriend - you're flawless. SO gorgeous. xo

Andrea Carpenter said...

i think this is my favorite look so far. i'm so in love with it.

Andrea Carpenter said...

p.s. i am loving the new look for the blog too!

Kate @ SuburbanSweetheart.com said...

Love this. I'm a big fan of jeans & have recently gotten into button-ups after a little bit of weight loss made them possible for me. Together, they feel very Americana chic to me. :)