What I Wore // My Treasured Plaid

This plaid shirt is my very favorite one of all time.  It was my grandmother's from the 80s.  My grandpa had a terrible problem of hoarding stuff, though thankfully it never got as gross at that Hoarding show on tv.  Once it became difficult for my grandmother to walk ups stairs in the late 90s, she just told my grandpa that he can keep whatever he wants upstairs as long as it is organized, and as long as she didn't have to see any of it.  The benefit of his tendency to view anything as worth keeping is that I got to treasure hunt through a lot of my grandma's clothes from the late 60s, 70s, and 80s.  I wore one of my grandma's dresses from the late 60's to my high school prom.  Though she was much shorter than me in her grandmother-ing years, the dress was nice and long and at 5'9" even I had to wear high high heels with it!  It was a deep navy blue floor length dress, and just fit me a to a tee at age 18 when I was such a skinny little thing.

My favorite shirt has been with me a for quite a few years now.  I must have found it around 2007 or 2008.  Every time I would visit my grandparents house, my grandma would tell me to make sure to take somethings from upstairs, whatever I liked, just "don't tell Baba." :)  I would only take a few pieces of her clothing that I knew I would actually wear or pieces of clothing that were just beautiful vintage pieces in great condition.  This shirt is wearing paper thin now, but I still love it. 

My grandmother passed away over 2 years ago now and my grandpa passed away earlier this year.  I've driven past my grandparents' house twice since my grandpa's death, just stopping by to see it when I am in Long Beach, CA.  But I haven't been inside.  In a way, their house represents the ending of an era for me.  My family would take at least 2 road trips down to their house each year, and this past Spring was the last time I stepped inside that cute old house with treasures hidden away in nooks and crannies.  Now I just have a few reminders of those sweet, special people I was lucky enough to call my grandparents, my gaga & baba.  And this shirt is my greatest comforting treasure out of everything my grandma gave to me in my life.  It's old and thin, worth nothing in monetary value, but it's still holding together and worth millions in memories.

My favorite Washingtonian blogger buddy Elizabeth took these photos for me.  I'm thinking she and I are going to have to collaborate more often.  I think of all the ladies I have ever known, Elizabeth and I probably have the most in common when it comes to artistic exploration.  She and I both blog with a focus on fasion, we both used to do blog design for the same company, we both have had careers in graphic design and illustration, and we both used to be musicians!  While we drove around, looking for places to shoot, we dabbled around with the idea of creating a compilation album of songs written by blogger musicians we know like Caitlin, Teika, Chantilly, and a few others.  Maybe we will have to make that happen!

Elizabeth was kind enough to create this little video for me too.  I tried my best to remain as calm, casual and cool as possible in each little clip.  But, of course, the silly in me can't stay dormant for too long.  I saw a wall with a huge door high on the wall and decided I needed to climb it.  In the video you will see me pulling myself up on to the ledge of the door.  But what you won't see is when I attempted to jump off of said ledge and just crumpled into a pile of mush on the ground.  I'm pretty sure I gave myself a sprained ankle.  Woops!  I just couldn't stop myself, these jeans were made for fancy times and goofy times :)

Jeans  //  c/o Madewell
Shirt  //  vintage.  similar
Boots  //  c/o Wanted Shoes
Hat  //  Moorea Seal Store

Photography by Elizabeth Morrow of Morrow Studios & Delightfully Tacky
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Earmark Social said...

Love it all! Another wonderfully written post and the photos are lovely! Super cute outfit too!!

sara grace said...

so cute! wish i could live in plaid forever :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you can wear your grandma's shirt. What a sweet momento to have. Also, the outfit is really fantastic.

Becca said...

That's so sweet that you're holding on to your grandma's shirt! It looks lovely on you and that's so wonderful that it makes you think of your grandparents whenever you wear it. I love those boots!

Ladyface Blog

Jasmine Jarvis said...

Love the history behind the shirt! That's really lovely and special. Plaid can be difficult to pull off, at least for me, but you look radiant. I adore every outfit in your video! I also really love that 2 of my favorite Washington blogger ladies are collaborating. Washington is such a great state and I can't wait until I live up here full time.



eline said...

The story behind that shirt is so sweet :) The video looks really good too

abbycake said...

I love this effortless, cool look. I wish I had a piece of clothing with a similar story, but my grandma tends to just throw things out.
xx Abby | a geek tragedy

Andrea Carpenter said...

this is such a wonderful little story about your grandpa and this shirt. i love it. and it looks so cute on you. <3
and that video! love it.

Morgann Crook said...

so sweet.

Angie Bailey said...

<3 You look gorgeous, and I love plaid as well! This is such a sweet story, Moorea!!!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

That compilation would be too awesome! Let me know!! ;)