What I Wore // Prom Night!

Look! I'm wearing color!  This dress was one of those rare finds where I thought, ok YES, that is the color I want to wear.  It's the most perfect tone of a super bright peachy pink.  This is what I wore to the Texas Style Council Prom night :)  It was such a fun night chatting away with old and new friends.  I spent some solid time on the dance floor with Elizabeth & Julie, the dancing queens.

Dress  //  Nordstrom similar
Earrings  //  by Soft Gold Studios in the Moorea Seal store
Necklace  //  by Oh So Antsy in the Moorea Seal Store
Bracelets  //  borrowed from Julie
Shoes  //  Forever 21 similar
Rings  //  Moorea Seal store
Clutch  //  by Marketa in the Moorea Seal Store


Allie said...

Love that last one! Keep working it, gurrrrl.

Natalie Britton said...

Gorgeous, Moorea! I love everything about this outfit.


e m m a ▼ d e e r said...

You rock this outfit!

Michelle | CreatureType.com said...

Ahhh, this is so pretty and you look so so pretty in it! <3 It looks bright, fun, and comfy--perfect for dancing! <3 Dang, the idea of dancing the night away with so many kick-ass ladies is crazy. I'm jealous! I wanna get down with Moorea! Haha :)

Ashlee said...

I LOVE this dress, there's just something so effortless, yet lively about it! Also you're so lucky that you can rock maiden braids, I think they just look silly on me!

Anna Zimmerman said...

Adorable outfit. :-)