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Before I dove into full time jewelry designing & running a small business, I also used to be a graphic designer, illustrator, and blog designer.  Those of you who have followed my blog for sometime probably remember that as just yesterday.  Well, it's been over a year since I decided to take off my graphic designer & illustrator cap and put on my retail & fashion Panama hat.  And I honestly don't miss doing graphic design, blog design, or illustration one bit.  I grew up with an addiction to drawing, I just loved it.  And in college my focus was in Illustration.  But a career in that craft was not my jam.  I haven't been able to escape graphic design entirely as I do all the design for my own blog and for mooreaseal.com.  So I'm still doing design work almost every single day.  But I know I was made for designing for myself, not for clients unfortunately.

I do often get emails asking if I still do freelance design or if I can recommend other designers and illustrators.  There's no more freelance designing for me, but I do have tons of great options I can refer you to if you are looking for a graphic designer or looking to make over your blog!  So I've created a resource page of all of the graphic designers, illustrators, blog designers, blog template stores, blog design classes and more that I dig.  Hooray!  I'll keep adding to it if I run into more resources I think are awesome.  And if you have any resources you would like to contribute, just leave your link in the comments on the Web + Blog Design Resources page.

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