Free People Fall Gems

I only just discovered that Free People curates a gorgeous selection of jewelry on their website!   How long have I not known about this?  Doh.  Above are a few of my favorite gems.  I'll be honest, my inspiration to create new jewelry has been on a major low over the summer.  All of my focus has been on starting up our new store which took up quite a bit of creative energy on my part.  Right now I've been seeing so many new jewelry lines pop up by designers and artists I love.  I see almost an over abundance of jewelry that is right up my alley.  And when I feel too overly saturated with design that I dig, I lose that drive to create pieces that are in the same vein of what I see and what I get excited about.  Right now, my eye is focused on getting great jewelry into my store by designers I admire, not so much focused on trying to find my own creative inspiration to make more jewelry.  I think maybe I need a day or two away from the computer, alone in the woods with just a sketchbook the focus on what I truly want to create with my next jewelry pieces.  Fall is approaching, the season of summer fun is turning into the season of snuggles, hot cocoa, and fireplaces.  That calming and slowing down feeling may be just what I need to get a new burst of inspiration :)
What do you do when you are feeling overly saturated with beautiful things around you?  How do you re-boot your artistic engine?

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