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So... I don't think I've ever shared pictures of Max's face full on, on my blog.  Say hello to my sweetheart. :)  The kind people at Krama Wheel let us pick out our favorite scarves from their collection and I'm so happy I get to share a little about their business.  I met Roni, the founder of Krama Wheel, at TxSC and I'm just so impressed with her business model.  Here is a little bit about how they give back through the purchase of each scarf:

A child cannot attend school in Cambodia without a school uniform. Countless Cambodian families cannot afford this basic yet essential set of clothing to put their children in school. Our goal is to give children access to education while also empowering artisans to make a living. 
For each scarf you purchase: 

  • One weaver is paid fairly, treated respectfully, and better able to support her family. 
  • One local seamstress is paid to sew a school uniform. 
  • One child gets a uniform so he or she can attend school. 

We deepen the impact by re-investing in the country’s future. You are at the core of our movement. When you wrap yourself in one of our scarves, you wrap a child in a sense of hope and self-worth.

How wonderful is that?  At the root of me, what I care about most is compassion.  I am a young business woman myself and at the forefront of my mind I'm always trying to figure out a sustainable way to help people groups that I feel especially connected to.  For me, women and children are the people I feel most driven to focus on.  And I have a special drive to help women and children within the US.  But I also know that many wonderful people feel called to help empower women and children in other countries too, and Krama Wheel is doing exactly that.  As a woman in business, a person who is tactile and ambitious, getting to create with my hands and see the product of my efforts is incredibly empowering.  And I'm so happy for the wonderful women in Cambodia who are able to be employed in a job that is fulfilling for the soul.  Getting to create while also seeing the immediate impact your effort makes on those around you is pretty incredible.

Fun Facts about Max & I:

  • We went to the same high school in Northern California and were kind of on opposite ends of a massive interconnected friend group.  We only briefly chatted once in high school.  
  • We started dating while we were both home for Christmas in 2010.  We've now been dating for over 3 1/2 years.
  • We're both pretty tall.  I'm 5'9" and he's 6'6".  When I wear heels I usually hit 6'0"-6'2" so I like that I'm still always shorter than him.   
  • He's the third person from my high school "Social Activist's Club" aka the Anarchist club that I have dated.  Ha!  None of them are Anarchists now.  All those kids were just highly intelligent rebellious smarty pants.  Just my type. :)
  • He's the sort of person that could always easily maintain a 4.0 in high school and college.  I... not so much.  I excelled in classes I cared about and felt challenged in, and then bombed out in the classes that had pointless busy work.  I'd get A's in classes I loved, any art/music classes or AP/Honors classes, and Cs and Ds in classes I despised or whose teachers were uninspired.  
  • We both love the outdoors and like fancy things too.  But we don't get caught up in materialism easily.  Fancy things are fun but we both know that to be fulfilled, we both need soul fulfilling experiences.  
  • We both LOVE dogs, like woah.
  • Max is very athletic and played volleyball all through high school and college.  He still plays on teams every week.  He also loves loves loves soccer.
  • I always thought I couldn't be athletic because I felt boxed in with everyone always called me "Artsy" growing up.  Dating Max made me remember I actually loved playing sports when I was younger and I love having an active outlet to get super competitive.
  • We're both outgoing Introverts.  
  • He gets anxious in preparation to go hangout with people but then could stay and hangout with everyone late into the night.
  • I feel fine before I hangout with people, but after hanging out for a set amount of time, I'm ready to leave and have some alone time to reboot.
  • We are both super duper competitive in our own respective areas, but never competitive with each other.
  • I grew up in England & he went to school in Scotland for a year while in college.  I love that we both feel a kinship to the British Isles.
  • I think Max is all around wonderful.  He is incredibly intellectual, mellow, very thoughtful, extremely loyal and loving towards me and all of his friends, always willing to listen, fun and witty, accepts me, supports me, inspires and empowers me fully.  I could go on and on.  He's my favorite.


Jessica Whalen said...

It always does my heart good to see people doing good for the world through their craft, and those scarves are gorgeous.

Also, THANK YOU for understanding the outgoing introvert thing. That's completely me, but that's the best way I've heard to describe it. I can go either way as far as getting anxious beforehand or exhausted after, it just depends on how many hangouts I've been to that week.

Morgan Harper Nichols said...

I'm with Jessica! Not many people understand the outgoing introverted thing, but thanks to Susan Cain's book 'Quiet' it really opened my eyes! You all are an adorable couple by the way!

Selective Potential said...

I love seeing pictures of you and Max! It's great to put a face to the name! :)

Laura Mazurek said...

love seeing the two of you together! gosh yall look like you were just made for each other. love your little list too. cuties...

Jasmine Jarvis said...

What a lovely set of pictures! It's always a delight to hear about couples that build each other up and make each other happy. Thanks for sharing!



Becca Lee said...

You guys are so cute and seem like such a great match! I loved reading more about you two. Also, Krama Wheel is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

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