My Hair History: A Hair-vo-lution

Yea, you like that?  While I was browsing through some of my old outfits of years past, realized I should go ahead and create a compilation of the ways I've changed my hair over the last ten years.  Oh man, there were some good hair times and some BAD hair times.  Let's take the journey...

2003 //  I had the emo sad flap and dyed my hair a deep burgundy/purple.  I usually wore my short layered hair down or in tiny little pigtails at the nape of my neck.
2004 //  I went SUPER short with my hair & dark brown.  At it's shortest it was about 2 inches long in the shortest spots.  I loved telling my hairstylist, do whatever you want with it.
2005 //  I transferred to a new college and almost got a femme mullet because I thought it was rad.  But I didn't want to scare anyone off with my hair and really just wanted friends so I just did a pixie cut with longer bangs and red and blonde streaks in the front over dark brown hair overall.
2006 //  I decided to try to grow out my hair so I went for a classic bob and bangs, and I went a deep red color.
2007 //  My hair finally got past my shoulders and I decided to add lots of layers in to help grow out my bangs.  I also hadn't seen my natural hair color in at least 7 years so I got highlights so I try and fade out my years of dark red/brown dying so I could get closer to my natural color.
2008 //  I had finally gotten back to my natural color by growing out my hair and my bangs were finally gone too.  And then I got in a car crash that Fall, my bedroom flooded with sewage water, and my computer died and I had no money.  I freaked out and bleached my hair super blonde and cut HORRIBLE short bangs.  It was a bad way to cope...
2009 //  I died my hair red a few weeks after the epic fail of blonde and now that I look back on that red color, I like it even more now!  People always thought I was a natural redhead because of my fair skin, pale eyes and eyebrows, and freckle face.  I played with my hair a lot the next few months, lots of shades of deep red and lighter reds.  It was fun.
2010 //  After my wacko identity crisis at the end of college and after 2 years of experimenting with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing, I looked in the mirror and said, who the hell are you woman?  This is not you.  So I took some scissors and and chopped my hair off to shoulder length.  I then hated that because I looked super frumpy and soccer-mom-y so my friend chopped tons of layers in.  and I immediately decided, ok, it's time to REALLY grow my hair out and stop dying my hair to see what my natural hair is like.
2011 //  My hair finally got past my shoulders and the natural color started to show through and was actually darker than I expected!  I dug it.
2012 + 2013 //  Ever since 2011, I've just been digging my long natural hair.  I got some subtle balayage highlights in my hair over  a year ago but that's it.  And because my hair is SUPER thick, straight, and heavy, I like just having a fair amount of layers in it so it doesn't give me headaches!  Chances are, it will be years until I full on dye my hair again.  The maintenance is something I'm not into.  My hair grows so fast!

What's your hair history?


Noor AlQahtani said...

For the most part it always looked pretty good. I mean you never sported a bowl cut so that's good lol. I LOVE your hair now it suits you perfect.

Jasmine Jarvis said...

Now you gotta show us the embarrassing childhood haircuts! All these look pretty decent; I wanna see the mullet or bowl cut of yester-year... I can't have been the only one whose parents subjected them to those styles.



Laura Mazurek said...

I have thought about doing a hair post like this so many times!!! I have had so many different hair styles. Sadly, I lost thousands of photos a few years ago and about 3 years of my life in photos are gone! My favorite is the hair you have now. So so pretty and perfectly you.

Lariats and Lavender said...

I LOVE your hair!!! Every color, and cut. ♥ Winter '05 and Summer '07 are really inspirational to me.

Let's see, for me... In '06 I had my hair cut for the first time, and went from waist length to shoulder length, fell in love, and decided I never wanted *long* hair ever again. I tried some temp hair colors, and adored red. For the most part, though, I had my hair my natural color which is a mousy brown with red and/or blonde highlights, depending on the season.

RIGHT before coming to Utah, I had my sister trim my hair and she went too far, than curled my hair, making me look like a poodle. That was in '07, but luckily by my wedding, I looked okay!

I kept my hair around shoulder length, and naturally wavy, and mousy brown until I think... '09, when I dyed my hair red again, and fell in love again with 'tis!

In Summer of '10, I dyed my hair blonde, and really loved the look. In Winter of '10, I dyed my hair black! In January '11, I had Jen cut my hair and I went with a cute bob. I also used red dye, making my hair a black and red mix, which looked nice.

Later in '11, I dyed my hair blonde again, and still had the bob.

In March, I believe, of '12 I had Jen give me a double undercut, so my head was nearly shaved on both sides, and my hair was SUPER SUPER short. Everyone liked that look, including me, but it's not my fav. I also dyed my hair back to black.

On Jan 1st of '13, I dyed my hair electric blue, which was cute and fun. I have since let 'tis grow out, and now my hair is this weird brown, blonde, red combo. I really hate how my hair is three different natural colors! It's a little past shoulder length now!

Dulce said...

This is so great!

Chrystina Noel said...

This post is great. I actually bet that I could do one similar to this - I'm glad I'm not the only one with some drastic changes along the way.