A Store Update. Woo Hoo!

The photo above is from one of the walls in our studio.  A few weeks ago I did a big overhaul of our studio.  Just 6 months ago, I thought our space was huge!  Here is a little tour from when I hired my first paid employee, Jenette, our operations manager.  Just over six months ago, this big studio had only housed my workspace for a year.  3 months of intense prep work and 3 months of the store being live, and mooreaseal.com is booming.  We are hiring our second employee at the end of the month, Tram!  And we just hired 2 new fabulous interns.  I'll introduce them to you soon!

In addition to 6 people being in and out of the studio, with a minimum of 3 of us are in the studio every weekday, we have a LOT of stock to fit in this space!  We have over 900 styles of products available in our store and boy do Tram & I go hardcore with keeping this space crazy organized so we can squeeze everything in!  How insane is it that at just 3 months after launching our store, we already are popping at the seams when it comes to space.  We will be assessing where we need to go from here, whether we move into a bigger space in the same building or into a new space somewhere else in the city.  Either way, we're all incredibly thrilled at how well our store is doing and how incredibly supportive all our friends have been, friends in our close community and friends all across the web.  I have to give a big huge thank you to ALL of you for your support, spreading the word about the store on your blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and by word of mouth.  We're so thrilled to see how everyone is styling their new accessories and we are trying to keep up with the mentions of the store across the web so we can sending you our love and appreciation!  Make sure to hashtag #mooreaseal if you post about anything your purchased or received from the store as we'll be using the hashtag to run some giveaways and deals during the holidays!

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Shell (Kitty & Buck) said...

Wow, Moorea, congratulations on such a fast growing success! It's so exciting to see hard work pay off :)