Headed to Palm Springs & Long Beach, CA!

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Hey guys!  Sorry it's been a bit on and off quiet around these parts this month.  For the first week of October, Max and I were in North Carolina for Max's brother's wedding.  When I got back from that crazy busy trip, I was back in the studio for a week and a half pumping out work and, bam, now it's time for Camp Mighty.  I'm flying out with my conference wifey, as we like to call each other, Chelsey from Portland to head to Palm Springs this afternoon!  Woohoo!  I'm so excited I'll get to see my other conference buddy Morgan there too.  The three of us will be sharing a room which we also did at Alt Summit.  I am also so thrilled to get to meet the ever so talented Anna while I'm there!  I've been a huge admirer of just about everything she does for a long time.  And with the 90 degree heat in Palm Springs, a nice big pool, and some tasty drinks, yea, I think I'll be having a great time :)

Camp Mighty will be going on from Thurs-Sat and then Sun-Tues I'll be in Long Beach working with my business partner and visiting old friends.  My very best friends Katie & Anne both live in the LA area now and I am SO excited to see them both.  Outside of the world of blogging, my friends are pretty opposite of me when it comes to the web.  I built my whole brand and business because of the internet and I'm on it ALL the time whereas Katie does all she can to avoid technology and Anne will say for herself that she is totally clueless when it comes to technology haha.  Anne has been living in Guatemala for the last 2 years and on and off in South America before then as well.  She just moved to LA and is finally learning what apps are, what instagram is, but she is still baffled by hashtags and doesn't understand their purpose.  She just learned about tablets, kindles, ipads, and iphones when she got back to the states.  This girl, I love her so much.
I'm going to try to see some of my sweet blogging friends while I'm in the LA area too like Diana & Kelly Ann, both of whom have been and are going through some incredible trying and mind-blowing-ly powerful times in their lives.  Their individual pains, losses, and traumas are just such weights to bear and I just want to bring them all the love that I can.  They are seriously two treasures of the blogging community, soul sisters and genuine spirits.  They deserve all the prayers, love, and kindness.

Overall, I think this week will be a majorly soul fulfilling time for, being able to spend time with so many friends I care deeply for.  In Seattle, my life is pretty quiet as most of my close friends have moved away over the last few years.  I'm grateful that so many people I love have ended up in the LA area where my extended family is, including my business partner and cousin Reed.  When business trips can overlap with time with close friends, I'm in heaven.


Kylie Bellard said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip (and a lovely bit of sunshine before the Seattle winter sets in!). Have a marvelous time.

Kelly Ann Mount said...

It bums me out SO hard that we didn't get to hang. I was so excited to give you a great big hug! When I'm well again, we'll see each other for sure.

Thank you, always, for the love and prayers. You're a true soul sister. I love you so so dearly, and I'm really proud of you and all you've accomplished lately. xoxo.