Our American Revolution

Though I despise clutter, like seriously reaaaaally despise clutter, I occasionally discover & marvel at people who are very thoughtful collectors.  I admire those rare few people's inherent need to keep, organize, maintain and beautifully curate the things they find.  For me, Pinterest became my clean, organized space where I could collect things that I think are beautiful.  I think if Max & I were able to lead a more poetic life, it would look something like this, him the writer and I the artist.  But the practical and perhaps cynical side of me, after admiring in awe the beauty of this video, goes to thinking, ok, how much does this house cost, and what about the day to day bills, why do I only seem to find videos of white middle - upper class people who live these dreamy poetic lives, and is it sustainable to make one off artwork these days?  Blablabla.  Hopefully you have less of a cynic's streak like me and can simple admire the beauty of this video without over thinking it.  The dreamer in me finds this to be magical and thankfully is able to trump my annoying cynical side enough to get me to post about this.  The artist in me says, damn, I love their style and snap, I'd love to carry some of her work in my store.  God, I really need to wrangle these different sides of me and all of their opinions!


Jennifer Phillips said...

It's okay to feel cynical at times. I think it's only natural...and just remember, you cannot have light without darkness. I love this video! :)

Heather McInnes said...

I must be a cynic too because I'm torn between loving it and thinking about all the dusting it, loving them and thinking they're just like the couple on Portlandia. LOL