You Know I Love A Good Photobooth...

Hooray!  Photos from Camp Mighty!  You know, CM ended up being far better than I had anticipated.  I bought tickets to it in the Spring and by the time Camp Mighty came around, I honestly couldn't remember why I was excited to go earlier in the year.  I'll admit I've been insanely busy the past 6 months, prepping for the launch of my store and then keeping up with just maintaining it!  I bought my tickets to CM right before my business partner and I decided to create the store so, yea, I was a bit distracted.  So when I arrived at Camp Mighty I felt totally unprepared for the weekend.  Thankfully, I had a wonderful wonderful time and got a LOT out of it.  The speakers were great and I might have almost cried multiple times because I was so inspired.  It was great connecting with people who I can help and those who can help me in our goals & life lists but it was tons of fun too.  You know I love a good photobooth and here are some shots from the Space themed party on the last night of Camp Mighty!  I'm a lot better at communicating my goofiness through photos that writing... I also might have had control of the remote.

Chelsey, my conference wife  //  Me  //  Kim  //  Jacqueline

And here ends my chance at ever being one of those bloggers who is always effortlessly chic, graceful, super cool, classy and glamorous.  It's way more fun trying to make people laugh than trying to look perfectly pretty in photos :)

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petal and plume said...

oh, love it.. looks like so much fun!