A Season of Giving

Well, the crazy shopping season is upon us!  You know, one thing I did not prepare myself for when entering in on a career in the retail industry, be it when I was just a handmade designer on Etsy to now when I have a full on retail site, was how hard I had to work during the holidays.  For those of us with small businesses, this is the season when we have to be at our best as business owners.  We've got to burn the midnight oil, working hard to make sure our businesses do well during the season of the biggest holidays.

On one hand, I'm with everyone else who rants about how the holidays have been commercialized and how a season of giving thanks and spending time with loved ones has seemed to transform into a season of shopping.  But on the other hand, I'm also one of those people whose livelihood depends on people buying gifts for their loved ones.  And you can bet that every small business owner out there who has integrity and heart feels the pull of both sides of the holidays as I do.  Most importantly though, I believe in GIVING more than anything else I believe in.  I started my businesses so that I could give to others more fully.  I started my jewelry business so that I could afford to give more presents to the people I love.  And I started my retail site mooreaseal.com so that I could give to Non-Profits more and more with every item I am able to sell.  I'm thrilled about my store because I get to give jobs to women who truly and honestly love their job!  I started my store so that I could give a louder voice to all the awesome designers that stock their products in the store.  And I'm so thrilled that now, just a few months after launching mooreaseal.com, we've been featured on blogs, on websites, and in magazines across the world including Sunset Magazine's Holiday Shopping Guide!  I do all that I do so that I can give inspiration to women and girls everywhere, letting them know that with gumption and fervor, you can make big things happen.  Giving is the mode I always want to be in.

So, when I promote all of these sales and things that have to do with my store, I do hope that you guys realize it is all in the spirit of giving.  We are not a soulless corporation trying to just grab everyone's hard earned dollars.  We are a small team of people working hard to create a beautiful space full of amazing products.  We are a team of passionate people who get excited each time an order comes in, each time we get to calculate up how much we get to donate to Non-Profits we adore, and each time we get to package up every single order with love and thoughtfulness.  We love what we do as a team, and we are happy to work crazy hard during the holidays because YOU fuel us.

In the spirit of giving, I have lots of exciting things to share with you!  Are you ready?
  • PIN TO WIN $250 to Mooreaseal.com!
    One lucky person will get to win $250 to our store, and the entry is super easy.  Click here to Pin to Win!
    On Black Friday, we will be having a HUGE sale in the store, marking down almost half of the products in our store for one day only!  And yes, you can bet the deals will be amazing, up to 70% off!
    On Saturday, in honor of small business & handmade love, we will be giving away a free pair of handmade tiny gold triangle earrings with every single order.  Yep.  Every single one.  And for orders over $100, we will also be throwing in a free handmade black arrowhead ring!
    On Monday, every single order will get free shipping.  And orders over $150 will get free 3 Day shipping!
So, are you feeling excited to give?  We all shop during the holidays.  And shopping on our site means that you not only get to give to those that you are buying presents for but you get to give to handmade artists and non-profits too with each of your purchases.  Thank you again for ALL of your support of me as a small business owner, a blogger, just a normal introverted & ambitious girl living in the Pacific Northwest.  And thank you so much for shopping in my store.  It makes me smile & feel supported every time I see an order come in.  Happy Holidays <3


Lariats and Lavender said...

What a fabulous post, Moorea! I am amazed that you're giving away such fabulous products! So amazingly sweet!

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

Fingers crossed on this one! Adore your shop, love.