Decorating the Apartment // Living Room Credenza


After living in our apartment for a year, I've had the itch to redecorate this space like crazy!  At the one year mark in September, I rearranged our bedroom and ah, it feels so much better in there.  Max is 6'6" and I am 5'9" so living in a small space can be tricky for us giants.  Before I rearranged our bedroom, we couldn't stand in there at the same time because it felt so cramped!  I would also hit my shins on the corner of one of our bed posts almost daily and I feel like the constant bruising of my shins have turned into perma-bruises.  I'll have to show you some before and afters soon of the space, it feels a lot better than how it was arranged before!

Now that the bedroom is rearranged, the living room is now driving me crazy.  Our couch is just not doing it for me.  We got it for free from one of Max's customers at his work which was super generous of them.  But because it's quite old, and it's a down comforter couch, it just doesn't hold it's shape like it should and if i sit on it for too long, my back really hurts from the lack of support.  I had also planned to reupholster it a million years ago... well that never happened.  And it probably will never happen in the future.  So it's really about time that I invest in a good couch.

Along with a couch, man do we need some storage in here!  We've experimented switching around different book shelves and a tiny console to house Max's video game gear (something I would like to hide away, haha) and DVDs, the TV and some books.  But nothing is clicking.  I think a really good looking wood credenza is calling our name.  The Dylan Credenza by Thrive is the one I am most coveting.  I, along with every other blogger out there, love mid century modern furniture.  And I dig Thrive's credenza the most because it's not too harsh it it's clean angles.  Most mid century modern console remakes are a little too sharp and industrial looking for a small cozy apartment.  But I dig the options above!

Do you have any tips and tricks for living in a tiny apartment in the city?  Seattle is unfortunately a pretty expensive place to live in which is why we've chosen to live in a tiny little apartment.  I'm a bit envious of how affordable homes are in the Mid-West because as an adult, I've only lived in California & Seattle,  WA where the price of just surviving is too high.  But right now, I'm 27 and still really love living inside of Seattle so I'll probably be sticking with small apartments for awhile!
What are your tricks for loving your small space?


Michelle Clement said...

Yay, small apartments! lol. Well, maybe not. The most we can get here in Vancouver is 600 affordable sqaure feet, but it's still fun to decorate. I found a bunch of furniture when we moved here on craigslist (including a mint-condition yellow velvet couch and working console record player) for around $100 - have you checked out craigslist for mid century modern pieces like this? I see them all the time here! The trouble is usually getting them home without owning a vehicle, though...lol. Those are all gorgeous pieces, above... :)

Corina Nika said...

oh i just love the shade of the wood here...!