Life Gets Busy

Hat  //  My Store
Sweater  //  a million years old from UO
Pants  //  sample sale Jag Jeans
Shoes  //  co. Sven Clogs
Bag  //  My Store
Glasses  //  Prescription Ray Bans

I've been wearing these shoes given to me by Sven Clogs non-stop since I received them a few weeks ago.  They're the perfect transitional shoe from warm to cooler weather.  And I can guarantee I'll be wearing them with thick wool socks when it starts getting really cold here in Seattle.  Gosh, I've had an insane season of life these past 6 weeks, it's been hard to keep up with everything and anything!  In early October, Max and I went to his brother's wedding.  Then two weeks after that I was at Camp Mighty in Palm Springs.  Since I was in the LA area, I then headed to Long Beach, CA to visit my business partner and my college bestie who moved to Long Beach after living in Guatemala for 4 years!  Amidst all of that, you can bet that we have been working insanely hard int he studio to prep for the holiday sales season!  Guess what is going on for the next 3 days in my store?  If you spend over $50 you will get a $10 gift card in your package!  And if you spend over $100, you get a $10 gift card and a free gold plated midi ring!  Now is the time to start holiday shopping!

This last weekend was Max's birthday so I took him to Portland!  He was extremely extremely kind enough to come along with me to the PNW Blogger meet-up too while we were there.  And I'm pretty sure he charmed the pants off of every lady there :)  It reminded of exactly why I started dating him 4 years ago, he is so genuinely friendly and happy to get to know new people.  He's a keeper.  Then this Monday we went and saw Iron & Wine which is one of his favorite bands.  Now tonight we are going to see another one of his favorite bands, The Long Winters AND my college bestie Anne just arrived from Long Beach today and will be here for a week!  Phew...

On top of all this busy-ness, I'll be interning for Blogshop, Seattle next week!  I had applied to intern for them well over a year ago but they didn't have a plan to come to Seattle for awhile.  So when they started planning for Blogshop Seattle this time around, I got an unexpected email from them about interning and immediately responded with, duh, I'd love to.  Though I don't do freelance graphic design anymore, I still do plenty of it for my business and my blog.  So I'm looking forward to helping with the event and assisting students during the class.  I admire Bri in her ability to grow as a creative woman with serious business sense a lot.  So I'm sure I'll get to learn a lot too while at Blogshop even in just observing!

After all this... yea, I really need some time off, time alone, down time, and quiet time.  Despite how it may appear with all of the travel I've done this year, I am 99% introvert.  I'm a very outgoing introvert and I love meeting new people.  But boy do I need my alone time and I really need time in quiet.  I don't usually listen to music when I work or when I am at home or alone.  I love my quiet, I love having hours of not speaking a word.  I could honestly go 3 days alone in complete silence and be soooo happy.  So I'm planning on not traveling anymore until Christmas when I go to see my family.  And next year I'm definitely going to try to cool it on the travel.  Well, the one last little traveling I am going to be doing before Christmas is to a cabin in the woods by myself for a solo refresh night.  There is an awesome Treehouse Bed and Breakfast about a half hour outside of Seattle and I'm going there in by myself for one night, woohoo!  I really need a solid alone time 24 hours, I need to sit by a fireplace for an extensive amount of time, and that's pretty much it haha.  I decided to stay in the one guest room in the little lodge at the Treehouse Point because I wanted to be able to soak in a bathtub and spend hours by the fireplace.  But someday I'd love to stay in one of the treehouses there!  Oh man, I'm so looking forward to my solo one night retreat away in the woods.


Kelsey Wilburn said...

i love this cardigan! so pretty on you and the shoes are lovely too. totally with you on the downtime piece!

Jessica said...

A one night solo retreat in the woods?! That sounds like perfection to me. I'm an outgoing introvert too. Introvert doesn't mean shy. It just means that people like us get our energy from having our alone time. I can sympathize with you! ENJOY your retreat!

Andrea Carpenter said...

you look fantastic, girl. but duh because you always do!

petal and plume said...

i am loving those clogs! and your hair is lush!

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

I've never been a big fan of clogs, but I'm sort of loving this new fancy-clog trend. You look lovely!

And that idea of going to a cabin in the woods by yourself for a "solo refresh night"? GENIUS. I think I need that, though I doubt I can find a treehouse resort in Jersey. Hope it's exactly the sort of night you need.