Make Your Day! A Digital Crafting Book with DIYs for All Day Long

My friends Chelsey & Chelsea have been working away on an awesome crafting book for the past few months and it's big debut is today!  I'm honestly not much of a crafter.  I really don't like having extra trinkets and things laying around my apartment, I'm all about beauty that is useful.  The nice thing about this digital book is that it is totally made for the maker who likes getting use out of the things they make.  Make Your Day:  DIY, all day long is a perfectly planned out book for those of us who don't want to go buy a million new supplies to make one DIY.  Chelsey & Chelsea focused the book around using what you may already have in your home to make every moment of your day more special and more beautiful.  The book is a dream to look through with gorgeous photography and adorable illustrated steps for each DIY.  It comes with some super smart tips (I seriously suck at DIY and need all the tips I can get) and tons of fun printable templates, patterns, labels, gift tags, stickers, and mini cards.  And if you purchase your new digital book before December 23rd, 2013, you will receive a bonus 2014 printable calendar, holiday gift tags, and a few surprises!  FUN.

I get to offer my readers 20% off of the already super affordable price of $12 for the book & additional goodies.  Use the code: MYDAYISMADE20 to take 20% off!  Have fun crafting!

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