Reward Style + Moorea Seal

Here's some exciting news for those of you who use Reward Style affiliate links!  I've now partnered with Reward Style to offer commission on any sales that you might direct to our site.  Here's how it works:

1.  Apply to Reward Style.
     Or send me a pitch about your blog and social media sites I can refer you as a blogger.
     -  Email me here with the subject line:  Apply to Reward Style.
     -  Include:  social media stats . a link to your blog . your first & last name . and why you'd be a good fit for working with Reward Style.
2.  Once you have a free account with Reward Style, you can use unique links on all your social media sites to link to the products in my store.  Every time someone purchases something in our store through your link, you'll make 20% of the full price of the product as a commission for directing that traffic our way!  Exciting?  I think so.
3.  Already have a Reward Style account?  Well hop on over to the store & start linking up to your favorite products through Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or your blog!  Start earning when you share your favorites from the store.

I'm excited to get to reward you guys for spreading love about our store.  You're the reason why my store has been such a big success from the start so let's share in it's success together!


Morgann said...

already have some MS items planned for my holiday gift guides which I'd be happy to link back to you for free, but super excited to go through rS!

Shell (Kitty & Buck) said...

Ditto with Morgann, I have a couple of posts featuring your beauties scheduled already, it's such an added bonus to have the reward style links as well :) I am really loving your business model, I think it's obvious that you've been on the other side of the coin, so to speak, and you're doing a great job at encouraging charitable thinking (with your 7% donation system) and now thanking people with a big commission as well.

I know people would support you regardless of these perks, but it's lovely for you to think about it from that perspective :)