Sven Clog Boots

It's boot season!  Hooray.  Late Fall is my favorite season when it comes to outfit options.  I dig heels because they're so good lookin' and I have a high arch and need the arch support.  And when a solid sturdy heel meets a cozy leather boot, that is my jam.  Sven Clogs has tons of customizable boot options for the colder months.  I'm going to be getting the tan, short boots with fluffy shearling on the inside for extra warmth.  Come on cold and wind, I'm be ready for you!
Check Sven Clog's customizable options for all of their shoes.  You can pick your leather color, heel height, sole color, and can get a shearling lining if you so desire!  Sven is also offering 20% off for all of my customers through the holidays.  
Use the code:  COOL CLOGS to take 20% off of your favorite clogs or clog boots!

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