Let's Be Honest

Today I am over on Bre's blog talking honestly about what happens during a typical workday in my life.  I think that with how the blogging world has changed so much over the last few years, there is such a distorted view of what the typical life of a woman with a blog is truly like.  When I started blogging years and years ago, my blog was a place for me to process, verbalize my contemplative thoughts, and connect with the sort of new friends that I couldn't find in the places that I live/d.  My blog used to be called The Rumination Room.  It was a place for me to think & connect.  And the rest of the blogging world felt similar back in the day.  Not many people were using blogging for business.  It was just a way for people to express themselves and connect with others.  

I'll admit that as blogs and this sphere that we all created changed and moved more towards a place of business with a personal twist, I moved that direction too.  Obviously I started my etsy shop, I was a graphic designer, illustrator, and blog designer for a few years, and now I have a larger retail site.  My blog was and still is an incredible connection between me as a regular old person & a business woman.  But as things get more and more business focused in the blogging world, I feel like we see less and less of the honest people behind the blogs and more of the facade of success.  I battle with that personally because I know that as a business owner, you sometimes need to project success to attain it.  But now that I have reached a really high point in all my work efforts, I crave the honesty and vulnerability that I used to feel a lot more in the blogging world.  I want readers & blog followers to know that I am human, I don't have everything I want, my life is not even close to being perfect, but I am very grateful for all that I do have in my life.

It's very tricky figuring out how to balance presenting all the great things and the hard things in life on a blog or really anywhere on social media.  But hopefully the little peek into my life on Bre's blog will be a nice refreshing perspective for you guys.  :)


Caitlin Sachs said...

Excellent perspective, I completely agree! I'm a follower of Bre's blog and I'm so happy I found yours through the post you did for her today :)
I've actually been noticing lately that more bloggers are taking time to occasionally post about what makes them REAL and the struggles and mundane things they deal with in everyday life that don't normally make it onto their blogs. It's refreshing and ultimately I think it's more interesting and helpful than the image of total success that we typically see (or maybe it's a combination of both?). Either way, thank you for being open. I think it's something that all of us as bloggers should keep in mind as we create our posts, and it's definitely something I will begin to infuse in mine as well.

Melinda DiOrio said...

Can't wait to head over and read it. :)