Moorea Seal + GAP Styld.by

I'm quite honored to be featured on Gap's Styld.by blog today!  I'm wearing a few of my favorite late Fall, early Winter pieces including this gorgeous bag & shibori dyed indigo scarf from Gap.  I'm feeling lucky today to be featured among some pretty incredible women that I admire such as Amanda from Amanda Jane JonesEleanor Friedberger, Elise from Pennyweight, and my friend Megan from The Fresh Exchange.  Head over to the Gap Styld.by blog to see more!

Hat from mooreaseal.com
Scarf & Bag from Gap
Jacket & Top from Madewell
Jeans from a sample sale
Boots co. Wanted Shoes
Jewelry from mooreaseal.com


Kelsey Wilburn said...

love the color palette here - so easy and pretty


Jewelleryby William said...

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Kathryn said...

where did you get your case for the Olympus OM-1n 35mm camera? I have been looking everywhere for one!

Monica Ng said...

Hi Moorea, what a lovely discovery to have found your blog! I'm a budding jewellery designer too and it's so wonderful to read about other people who have found such great success in this field! I'll definitely be adding your blog to my blogroll - can't wait to read more about your journey on your blog! :)

Mall of Style said...

You story is totally inspiring. The collection in your jewelry store is simply amazing. Every product is so unique and simply mesmerizing.