2013 Recap // Part 2

The second half of 2013 was wild.  It was wild with tons of amazing experiences but I got very burnt out on it all.  I learned that you could absolutely have too much of a good thing.  You know, I got what I had hoped for in the beginning of 2013.  I wanted 2013 to be a year of saying yes, grabbing on to any opportunity that presented itself to me, and I did just that.  I wanted to travel and ended up traveling too much!  But I feel very lucky that I had the means to do so and that I had reasons to travel at all.  The lows of the latter part of 2013 came about because I didn't know how to say no to opportunities.  I just couldn't say no to potentially wonderful experiences and first times for so many things.  The highs of 2013 WERE the experiences I had, traveling and seeing so many friends from far away.  But at the same time, all of the travel and time needing to be outgoing really wore on me and left me feeling a bit empty and lonely in it all.  Because I traveled so much and had to spend so much time in my work, I felt like besides my sweet boyfriend, my personal life became very empty and lonely.  I didn't give myself anytime to relax or to cultivate my friendships here in Seattle.  When an introvert doesn't have time to recharge it really causes havoc in our lives.  I feel extremely lucky for all that came into my life in 2013.  But I'm definitely looking forward to a more quiet, fingers crossed, year in 2014 :)  Here's a re-cap of July-Dec of 2013!


We launched mooreaseal.com!  And our success was a million times better than we could have even imagined!  For this, wow I am grateful and you can bet it was one of the biggest highlights of my year.  Pretty much all of July was devoted to making the store launch on time and with no hiccups so the blog was a little quiet.  But all the devotion of time, energy, hard work and little sleep were worth it :)


I went to the Texas Style Council and had a BLAST!  I got to share a Air BnB with Chelsey, my conference wifey, & one of my favorite humans in ye ol blogging world Julie.  I got to meet soooooo many long time blog friends there, it was so wonderful.  And I got to speak at the conference about mastering Pinterest for your business or blog which I got great feedback about!  I actually want to be a social media consultant now, most specifically with Pinterest. 

Tram & I went to the Reward Style meet up in Seattle.  I love this lady.  She was one of our first interns for mooreaseal.com and we got to hire her in the winter as a full time member of the staff!  

Jenette & I went to LA to meet up with my business partner Reed and while we were there, I got to meet Andrea for the first time!  She's a real soul sister.  I also got to go visit & meet sweet Danni at her store in Anahiem.  Both of these girls are serious treasures in the blogging world.

Some of Max's & my friends came to visit Seattle during their honeymoon trip in their remodeled airstream that they redid themselves.  So amazing.


-  I had some crazy health issues in September so I had to go on a really intense elimination diet that was pretty damn hard, but I did it and it definitely helped me!
-  Some of my jewelry was featured on Brickyard Buffalo.  Those folks are such gems to work with.

I got to do a campaign with Madewell for their Fall jeans line!  Man, that made me feel pretty dang lucky.

I reflected on my style changes over my life.  Fashion has been fun for me ever since I was a little girl and my personality is totally reflected through what I wear.  How about you?


October was an insaaaane month for me!
-  Max & I went to his brother's wedding in North Carolina.  I love it out there and I really genuinely adore Max's brother & his wife so much.  Plus their puppy dog is my other boyfriend, we love each other.  His brother Evan & his wonderful wife Ginnie live in the Research Triangle area and that whole area reminds me so much Max's & my hometown in Northern California so much.  It's wonderful.
-  I visited LA to see my business partner and discovered that my best friend who had just moved to LA from Guatemala lives just a few blocks from my biz partner!  That was the best.
-  We hired 3 wonderful new interns who we love so very much.

I got to host an event at Madewell!  Hello, that was amazing!  So thankful for all the friends who came to visit :)

I went to Camp Mighty at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with some of my favorite blog buddies Chelsey & Morgan and it was a blast.  This was the first conference I've been to this year that was super mellow and had tons of time to just chill and chat with friends.  I met so many awesome women.  I was most especially excited to meet the most rad woman on the web, miss Anna & in turn got to meet the raddest guy on the web Daniel and they both introduced me to the most ridiculous app in the world, Oldify.

I majorly rearranged the studio to try and squeeze all of the products for the store in there!  We are busting at the seams.  We will actually be moving to a bigger space in just two months which is both super exciting and a bit sad, saying goodbye to my first ever studio.

I reflected on how my mom's breast cancer has changed my life for the better because it healed my relationship with my mom when I never thought that part of my life could be healed.  Seeing how breast cancer effected my mom and family negatively was so heartbreaking for me this year.  But after taking time to see what else it did for my family this year, I know it was one of the best thing that has ever happened for all of us to bring us all together.


Woo, this was also a crazy busy month!
-  I took Max to Portland and we stayed at the Jupiter Hotel for his birthday and it was so fun.
-  We went to the PNW blogger meet-up in Portland while we were there, Max was a SAINT to come with me to a big room full of loud chatty women.  We may have been pretty hungover from his birthday celebration the night before, haha.
-  We went to an Iron & Wine concert.  I'm so boring and much prefer sitting at concerts these days than standing up front so I was happy there were squishy seats to watch from :)
-  We went to the 15 year anniversary show for Barsuk Records which was so fun because they were my favorite record label in high school!

-  I assisted at the Seattle Blogshop when they came to Seattle and got to see a few of my favorite PNW blogger friends like Natalie & Jenn.

I got really really burnt out from all of the saying YES that I did in 2013.  Man, a lot of crazy stuff happened this year both hard and incredible.  And I am such an introvert!  So I took myself for a one day retreat into the woods to stay in a treehouse at Treehouse Point!  Oh my gosh, it was incredible and magical.  I didn't blog about it because, well, I was exhausted and needed that time for myself to refresh.  Maybe I'll blog about it soon :)

 Beautiful pieces from our store were featured in Sunset Magazine!  It's been amazing how successful our store has been in it's first few months.  Thank you ALL for shopping in our store and supporting us so kindly.  It has meant so much to me in such a crazy year.

My sweet friends Lindsay & Toby were kind enough to have Max & I over to their house for Thanksgiving.  Oh my gosh, between Max & Lindsay's cooking, I was in food heaven.


-  I got to go home for the Holidays with my boyfriend.  Our families are from the same area in Northern California.  Max and I actually went to high school together!
-  I went to two weddings for my sister's best friend who had a Punjabi wedding and a Catholic wedding.  On the morning of the Catholic wedding I literally created an entirely new bridesmaid dress for one of the bridesmaids whose dress got totally screwed up, I altered another bridesmaid's dress, and I did my sisters hair.  I then went to the wedding and immediately after went to the airport and flew back to Seattle.  It was a crazy day that's for sure!

We had our first pop-up shop for the store right before Christmas and it was so successful!  I got to meet a few blog, Pinterest, and Instagram followers which is always fun.  We hope to have a lot more of these in 2014!

I was asked by Gap to style some of their beautiful products on their Styld.by blog!  Eek!  This was one of the craziest things that happened in 2013 for sure.

Well, that's it for what happened in 2013!  Phew, absolutely the busiest year of my life.  I plan to still be pretty busy in 2014, but hopefully I learn how to say no a little bit more so I can make time for myself more.  I want this year to be about really focusing on bringing peace and calm into my life while the winds of amazing experiences whip around me.  


Martha Scott said...

Great to see your 2013, Hopefully your new year will more vibrant and colorful, Love your style.


Amber | And Yes To Joy said...

I've been recently thinking of creating my own list project, inspired by your own, in honor of my approaching 21st birthday. I don't know why, but 21 has been in the mood to reflect and collect my thoughts in a simple and plain way. What better way than to list? Glad to see this project relaunched, and excited to follow along.

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love lists! Here's my first entry! http://thisistournesol.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/52-lists-week-1/

orchidgrey said...

I'm so glad we were finally able to meet his year! Loved your recaps - you had a pretty incredible year!

Dani Ives said...

It's been fun following along with you last year! I admire all that you have accomplished! xoxo

Clipping Path said...

Nice to see your 2013, Waiting for your new articles in this new year :)

Clipping Path

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Elle Ess said...


I participated last year via my personal journal but this year I am taking it live on my blog :) Thanks for the awesome idea! I love lists as well and this is right up my alley!

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