52 Lists // As Seen Through Video by Truebadours

Ok first of all I need to say THANK YOU for all of the awesome, funny, sweet, kind, and thoughtful emails and comments I got yesterday from so many of you!  I've only face palmed myself a few times in the last 24 hours so that's pretty good.  And also 24 hours later, I can now laugh at my stupid mistake because I know that you guys are just laughing along with me.  Phew, thank god for your kind words and the ability to turn incredibly embarrassing moments into memories to laugh heartily about!  I've been jokingly calling my accidental posting of a love note to my boyfriend my version of Kim Kardashian's sex video scandal.  But, mine is like the Tina Fey/Liz Lemon, totally not raunchy, spicy, or actually revealing of anything at all, more just romantic and sweet version in the form of written word, specifically 2 sentences.  In the world of sex scandals, that's kind of the way to go I guess.  Doh.

Ok, now that that is over with, back to one of the main things I like to focus on, on my blog.  The 52 Lists Project!  It has been awesome this year to not only see new readers joining in the 52 Lists Project for the first time, but also to see people who did the project last year who are doing it again this year.  I didn't think that I would start the project over again after failing to finish the second half last year.  But I'm glad I did decide to start again because recognizing the ways I have changed and grown in just a year based on my weekly lists from last year and this year is so awesome to see.  How many of you are starting the 52 Lists fresh again for 2014 after starting it originally in 2013?  Start again from the beginning, I recommend it for the pure wonder found in reflection :)

Something else that I have loved this year with the 52 List Project is seeing all the creative ways that people are using and engaging with the project.  I am just in love with how Jess from Truebadours has been using videography to document her 52 Lists.  Each video is an art piece in itself, I think.  I feel like while watching her videos, I get to see a really dreamy, beautiful, and intimate look into her lists.  My favorite video she has made so far is her Week 3, List the Things You Should be Proud of.  A list like this forces you to really get honest with yourself to reveal what you truly believe about yourself.  And I can just feel Jess' sincere vulnerability through her video.  So beautiful.  I'm inspired.  I might even have to try making my own video for the 52 Lists Project sometime soon!  Check out her gorgeous videos too.  Do you think you'll try making a video too?  Maybe Jess needs to give us all a tutorial of basic videography for blogging :)

Week 3 //  List the Things You Should be Proud of

Week 2 // List Your Greatest Comforts

Week 1 // List The Words That Touch Your Soul


Rania Maria Rönntoft said...

I had considered if I was going to make a video for a list or two, and now I really feel inspired and encouraged to do so! I'll prob. link it once it's done :) My previous lists so far: http://raniamaria.eu/blog/tag/52-lists/

Jessica Whalen said...

Thank you so much for sharing our work!!! I love getting to use this outlet for being more experimental each week (we'll be posting week 4 this weekend!) and I'd totally be down with giving some tutorials :)

Chelsea said...

Love this!!

paige meredith said...

Totally agree that Jess should offer tutorials - I love the Truebadors' style!

Mary said...

First time commenting here! I found your blog through another blogger who had mentioned your 52 weeks of lists. I've been following along and love the weekly lists prompts.
I really enjoyed the videos too, especially the second one. I think I'll have to go back and add Bon Iver to my comfort list.

Stephanie Gagnon said...

Absolutely love your blog, your 52 lists, and really love these videos you shared! Thanks so much for always sharing! :)

Nikita Brown said...

I'm so glad you started back doing the 52 Lists, that's how I found your blog! I am starting back over this year and I am excited to see the comparison with the lists from last year to the lists of this year!

Oh That's Nik