52 Lists Project, Week 3 // List the Things You Should be Proud of

I'll be heading to Alt Summit tomorrow in Salt Lake City which I am both incredibly excited about and very intimidated by.  I have wanted to go for a few years now and now that I finally have the chance, I think I need to prepare myself emotionally for this exciting adventure along with all the other necessary prepping like packing up my suitcase and bundles of business cards.  Taking inspiration from the need to prepare for an 4 day event in which I will be meeting tons of incredible people in the blog and design world, I thought our list this week should be about remembering what we should be proud of about ourselves.  I phrased it "List the things you should be proud of" for a reason.  I absolutely believe that everyone has reasons to be proud of who they are, what they have made it through and what they have created in their lives.  But many of us doubt that we even have anything to be proud of.  If you are having a hard time feeling proud of anything about yourself or in your life, you can at least try to acknowledge those things which you should seek to find pride in.  Pride is not a bad thing.  Being pompous and show off-y isn't a good thing.  But to trust in your own confidence, you must acknowledge that you have justified reasons for being content and happy with yourself and your efforts.  Failures, even repeated failures, do not define you.  They are at least markers that you took action and made a serious effort.  And that is enough to be very proud of my friends.  List your efforts, your best qualities, your dreams and hopes, how you learned from a hard situation, and anything else that helps you recognize that you have reason to be proud of yourself.

This year, my life parallels the events happening around this time last year quite well!  I think this week is like my lucky week or something.  I am head back to Alt Summit this afternoon and I am so looking forward to it.  Last year, I was squeeling with gratefulness for Bing buying 250 pieces of my jewelry to give out during one of the lunches at Alt.  On top of that, they gave me a ticket to attend Alt!  It was a dream come true for me.  This year, I get to go to Alt because I am hosting a mini party on Friday night that is Carnival themed.  And Bing ended up purchasing some of the sunglasses from my store to give out at their dinner on Wednesday night.
On top of that, Bing invited me to watch the Seahawks vs 49ers game this Sunday in their luxury suite at the stadium here in Seattle!  How insane is that?  They were kind enough to let me bring my boyfriend along.  I would have felt pretty horrible if I went and Max didn't get to go as he is the die hard sports fan in our relationship.  It was an insane day filled with surprise after surprise.  I'll tell you more about that later :)  Anyway, gosh after all of the kindness of Bing to me this week, I feel like I don't deserve any of it.  What makes me special enough to get such generous treatment?  Sometimes when good and fun things happen, it's hard to not just drop my jaw in awe of other people's kindness and think, wow I don't deserve this.  Right now I feel like writing a list of things that I should be proud of on top of the luck I've had this week feels like a giant brag-fest.  So I really just want to focus on the things that are not superficial, just the most meaningful things that I should be proud of.

I launched my store last year!
I found a great business partner in my cousin.
I got to hire my best friend.
I have a happy and healthy work environment in my studio.
I am still with my boyfriend after 4 wonderful years.
I'm a lover not a fighter.
I am patient and understanding.
I admit quickly when I have failed, messed up, or made a mistake.
I feel things deeply and genuinely don't like making others feel bad.
I apologize quickly and sincerely.
I try my best at being responsible.
I healed my relationship with my mom because of breast cancer smacking us in the face with the impermanence of life.
I want the best for everyone and I look for ways to help others.
I know I am not flawless but I am still happy with who I am.

Download and print out Week 3's list above or write out your list however you may like.  Then leave a link to your Week 3 list in the comments so we can all check out each others lists!  If you post your list on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, use the hashtag: #52lists and be sure to include @mooreaseal so I can be sure to come say hello :)  Happy listing!


Sorcha said...

This was difficult but a lot of fun to write!


Miranti said...

Oh this is such a great project and I'm loving this week's prompt. I think it's so important to take the opportunity to look back on achievements because it's easy to feel like hardly any progress is being made while we're in the thick of things. Thanks for the reminder :)

suki said...

I recently did a recap of 2013 and the things I was most proud of for the year. I love this week's prompt because it's a chance to think about longer-term achievements. Here's my list: http://superduperfantastic.com/52-lists-2014-week-three/21500/

Amy Lynne Hayes said...

I'll be at Alt Summit as well!! It's my first time going, and I am very excited. I'm sure the nerves will set in just before arrival and everything kicks off, and I don't feel prepared enough at all, but I think that's pretty standard. Hope to cross paths with you there!!

Rania Maria Rönntoft said...

Thank you for this wonderful project! I found it rather late last year, but this year I'm in from the start! Here's my week 3: http://raniamaria.eu/blog/2014/01/52-lists-week-3/

Miriam Schulman said...

this is a great idea-- I was too impatient to wait for you to post your weekly prompt so I already did my own list! http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-sunday-rituals.html

Ffion said...

Aw, why's the list closed? Here's mine, once again used for practicing my calligraphy: http://mindflight.me/52-lists-calligraphy-week-3/

petal and plume said...

the idea behind this list project is brilliant and encouraging and empowering. i love love love it.

Cassy @theworkette.com said...

I love this concept! just brilliant!


Jessica Whalen said...

My list (and video) are up on the blog today! http://www.truebadours.com/2014/01/22/52-lists-week-3-things-proud-arkansas-videographer/

I loved this list and seeing what everyone has to be proud of.

Lyra Pearson said...

My list for week 3 is on my blog http://wordsunspoken19.blogspot.in/2014/01/week-3-of-52-list-projectlist-3things.html

Bakary said...

Week three // http://bakarycafe.co.uk/?p=2396

Miriam Schulman said...

I did this list and share it on my blog today: http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2014/01/sunday-list-making.html

USHistoryLover1018 said...

Here's my week three list. http://ushistorylover1018.blogspot.com/2014/01/52-lists-of-2014-week-three-things-you.html

Sarah C. said...

This one was much more challenging! I guess it's easy for people to see the the good things in other people, but it's hard to see their own good within. Here's mine for this week! http://tajaux.com/2014/01/26/52-lists-week-3/
Thanks for this. It's inspiring :)

Nicole Kahn said...

Week 3: http://awildhope-nicole.blogspot.com/2014/01/52-lists-week-3.html?q=52+lists

Cassy @theworkette.com said...

I love this concept! just brilliant!

Simone R said...

Week three is done :) Tough one today!