52 Lists Project, Week 4 // List Your Current + Future Goals + Dreams

While I was at Alt Summit, my brain was just buzzing with new goals for my business, places I want to go, ways in which I want to expand and develop my work.  I met women who were incredibly encouraging and inspiring, women who told me that I can definitely accomplish the goals I set in front of me and encouraged me in confirming that I am doing a great job so far.  I chatted with women about the balance of work and life outside of work, contemplated how I want my future to be and ruminated on both what is practical for my future and fantastical.  You can guess my mind was buzzing with excitement the entire time I was at Alt.  And I'm still riding that wave of dreaming up plans and setting down time to figure out how to execute those goals.
Conferences like Alt are far and few between.  I was lucky enough to have had Bing purchase 250 pieces of my jewelry to place at the tables at lunch on the second day of Alt.  And they gifted me a ticket to attend the summit after it had already sold out!  It was, in itself, a dream come true for me.  But big dreams like that usually don't just pop out of the sky.  Sometimes, attaining dreams means lots of planning and lots of flexibility for when our path takes an unexpected turn.  We don't always have tons of inspiring women within talking distance to pump us up and inspiring us.  Sometimes, we have to reach deep down within ourselves to remember we are worth pursuing our dreams and yes, they ARE attainable with hard work and kindness.

It's fun for to let look at this list from last year to see how things have progressed in my life.  Some of my goals had to be put on the back burner, but other goals were attained and spun out into even bigger dreams!  1.  Get a Business Partner.  I got a business partner and we managed to think up and launch my store in just 3 months!  2.  Hire and Assistant.  Instead of just hiring an assistant, I got to hire my best friend as my store's operations manager.  And on top of that, we were able to hire one of our former interns on as a full time staff member in our first 6 months!  3.  Partner with a foundation that helps sexually abused women.  In my store, we partner with a variety of Non-Profits and we give back 7% of all our proceeds to the organizations!  These last 6 months we partnered with two Non-Profits that in some way aided women who have experienced sexual abuse, abuse, loss, and are dealing with HIV and AIDS.  I'm so proud of this being a part of my business.  These three goals that were reached are huge accomplishments in my book.
In addition I was able to:
-  I visited Austin, TX
-  I went to A LOT of conferences :)
-  I went to Alt Summit in SF
-  I did really well at eating gluten free.
-  Make my grandmother proud in her memory.  I think/hope I'd doing it.
-  Speak with kindness.  I try my best.

This year, I still have plenty of lofty goals.  But while last year's goals where about starting huge new ventures, ones that honestly were extremely intimidating for me, this year my goals are more extensions of goals I have already pursued and achieved.  This year is a year of investing in what I already have and expanding upon it, and I am really really excited :)  I can already feel that this year will be less emotionally taxing than last year and I have all the energy I need to tackle my dreams head on.

My 2014 Goals & Dreams:
-  Find a new studio space  -  looking right now!
-  Start a retail store  -  fingers crossed, this could happen this year!
-  Host events, parties, and workshops in a new space -  A must for this year.
-  Move into a house or apartment where Max and I can have a dog - fingers crossed, at the end of 2014
-  Invest more in my community of Seattle
-  Volunteer somewhere consistently
-  Go to trade shows - starting this week, I'll be in California for a trade show then a week after in Las Vegas for another one!
-  Develop a manufactured accessories line
-  Travel, but do it more thoughtfully than I did last year
-  Be kind but not a push over
-  Be wise
-  Be cautious and adventurous
-  Be strong and tender
-  Balance healthy pride with sincere humility
-  Be yourself and own it

Someday Dreams:
-  Take a hip hop dance class
-  Have 2 babies
-  Marry Max
-  Take Max to my home village in England and visit his college in Scotland
-  Visit New Orleans
-  Visit rural Japan
-  Learn the Drums
-  Donate a massive amount of money to worthy causes.  Make a massive amount first so I can give a massive amount.

I have a poster in my office with a quote by Conan O'Brian.  "If you work really hard, and you're kind, AMAZING things will happen."  I believe those words wholeheartedly.  Over the past 4 years, I have seen those words come to life in my own little world.  And I absolutely believe that by making a list of all of your goals and dreams, you will be further encouraged to pursue those dreams wholeheartedly, with passion and kindness.  Allow room for your goals to morph and change.  Things rarely happen exactly the way we expect them to.  So be flexible, and don't let yourself be fatalistic.  Remember that just because there are bumps in the road, it doesn't mean your dreams are ending.  You may reach them at a different time than you expected and they will be even more fulfilling.  So my friends, write your list of all of your goals and dreams this week, include work dreams, personal dreams, spiritual goals, emotional goals, whatever speaks to you most powerfully.  As always, feel free to download the PDF list above or write down your list in a journal.  

Download and print out Week 4's list above or write out your list however you may like.  Then leave a link to your Week 4 list in the comments so we can all check out each others lists!  If you post your list on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, use the hashtag: #52lists and be sure to include @mooreaseal so I can be sure to come say hello :)  Happy listing!

You're welcome to join in the 52 Lists project at anytime.  Visit the 52 Lists page to check out all the lists!


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I might have to start playing along, these lists are great. I also like that they're so freeform.

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