The New Year 2014

Well 2013 was quite the year!  I remember last Christmas, my sister telling me that the year ahead held a lot of tumultuous signs in the stars and that I should expect 2013 to be a wild ride.  Good lord, was she right.  2013 was possibly one of the craziest years of my life, with many highs and many lows and everything in between.  Today I am taking time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future.  I can already tell that this coming year will be a refreshing experience compared to last year.  2013 left me feeling like I could never catch up to what was happening in the moment, the good and the bad.  I want 2014 to be about being present, saying no more, soaking up downtime when I do get it, and instead of trying to always be ahead of the game, just reveling in the moment and taking it in fully.

I read my New Years post from last year and took some time to really reflect on the year past.  Last year at this time, I was all about focusing on planning ahead and looking forward.  I had a lot of regrets about the content of my blog, feeling like it was just packed full of filler content and lacking in quality.  So I really wanted to focus more on my blog last year to make it a more full and quality space.  But I had NO idea how my life outside of the web would change over and over again in 2013.  I wasn't prepared for when just crazy things in life happen and priorities change.  This past year, because of all that happened, my attention turned away from my blog and I really only posted on here when I felt like it.  And that felt right.  My posts slowed down over the year when I got my priorities in check, remembering that my personal life and career dreams do come first over this space.  I did get some flack from people on the web for not being able to keep up with my original goals for my blog in 2013, especially with my 52 Lists project which at the moment remains incomplete.  But gosh, 2013 just really needed to be a year of experiences and whether those experiences were good, bad, hard, easy, successful or failures, I just needed to be in it all as life threw new curves at me.

I'm hoping that with 2014, I can take more time to just reflect.  I'm ok with experiencing less and thinking and contemplating more.  I'm craving stability, solidity, gaining firmer roots in the things, people, and places that I already have in my life.  I need to say no a lot more this year.  Last year was definitely a year of saying yes and taking advantage of any opportunity presented to me which for the most part served me really well.  But because I now have a business with employees, I have a boyfriend of 4 years, I have a family who has experienced a lot of trauma this past year, I recognize that my life isn't just my own.  My choices and my decisions effect those close to me in all kinds of relationships.  And last year, saying yes a lot is what helped me build my business, saying yes is what brought amazing people on to my staff, it helped me see my family a lot and helped me give to my sweetheart.  But this year, I want to say no more because I have roots that are growing, and I want to stay close to what I do have and the people that are present in my life.  I want what I already have to thrive and I'm happy to say no to things that would distract me from my main focuses.

So, here are overall goals for the coming year.
1.  Say no more.  Enjoy what you already have and think deeply every time that something new arises.  Do you really need more to be happy & successful?  Only say yes when it feels necessary and wise.
2.  Travel less than last year.  Last year was filled with travel for me, for work & play.  And it was amazing and so memorable!  But phew, it might have been a little too much of a good thing.  I'm looking forward to really picking and choosing when to travel this year.  Gosh, that is really a huge privilege.  In 2012 and the years before, I didn't have the means to travel at all.  So I'm definitely grateful for having the option and the choice to travel or not this year.
3.  Soak up any downtime I can get.  Simple.

I'll always be a planner, so of course I still have plenty of things planned for the coming year that I will tick off my list as the weeks and months go by.  But for the most part, I want my mind to be focused on doing what is sustainable for myself and my community.  I want 2014 to be about wisdom, peace, and establishing roots.

What is on your mind as your reflect on 2013 and look ahead to 2014?


Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Your 2014 sounds fantastic already! I tried to do 52 Lists last year, but couldn't keep up with it; still I thought it was a fun idea! Cheers!

Lilly said...

I love what you are saying about wanting to foster the relationships you already have and be more present. I have been thinking a lot about that myself lately! These are all great goals and are refreshing to hear. Thanks for sharing!

Chrystina Noel said...

Simple and to the point, I love it.

Bakary said...

Wow.. Thank you so much for this Moorea.

a) I love lists
b) this is exactly what I need to put my life back on track. I got burnt out in 2013 and the 52 lists project is officially part of my recovery plan (I'm hoping to post the lists on my blog on a weekly basis)
c) lists!