Hair Trends // The Long Bob

For the last few months I've been noticing a common trend in haircuts worn by some of my favorite bloggers and designers.  The long bob is most definitely THE haircut to test out for 2014.  Goodbye dramatic ombre, hello long bobs with a bit of wave and a touch of high lights.  I don't think I'll be trying it out the cut anytime soon as my hair is stick straight with absolutely no wave, very heavy and thick with no volume and lord knows I am the laziest human when it comes to hair maintenance.  I'd tell myself that I would wash it everyday and then add a little wave in with a straightener, but I won't.  And honestly, when my hair is shoulder length, I look like a frumpy frump.  A whole lot of boobs plus dense shorter hair on me makes my upside down triangle shape a little too intense for my taste.  I'll probably be sticking with my long long hair until I get the guts to try a new look once this trend is already on it's way out.

But let's talk about the ladies who are owning and mastering this look right now.  I first noticed it on the always gorgeous Elise from Pennyweight.  Then I noticed beautiful Emma from A Beautiful mess chopped her hair into a perfect blunt long bob, that's the way to go if you have straight hair.  Megan from The Fresh Exchange has been rocking this look for quite sometime and doing it effortlessly.  My girl Tram from Phi-Style and who I get to work side by side with everyday recently chopped off 6 inches and she looks even cooler than before, which was already super cool.

Sophia Coppola of course is the master of the long bob with a bit of wave.  Her style is chic, relaxed, but sophisticated all in one go.  She is one of my style icons.  And when it comes to chic, relaxed, but sophisticated style, one can't leave out Hackwith Design House.  Their owner and founder Lisa not only has this perfect choppy hair cut, but many of her models wear a similar look.  Lastly, we can't forget two of my all time favorite bloggers with impeccable taste, Kate from Wit & Delight and James from Bleubird.  Kate just recently made the cut and looks just stunning.  And James made quite the dramatic change to her look, not only chopping off many inches from her long hair, but lightening it up to closer to her natural color.  She's to hottest mom I know of, and her style is always one I admire.

What do you think of the long bob look?  Quite obviously, I really love it.


Rhea said...

I am loving the long bob too! And it is on my top two choices of haircuts the other being a thick straight fringe. :) Love your blog!

Miranti Kayess said...

Oh no! I've just grown my hair long after a two-year love affair with the long bob. This post makes me wanna chop my hair off again :)

Ninie Pouce said...

Want it !!! With a ombre hair

Vanessa said...

Love the long bob! I just chopped my hair into a pixie that i love so obviously I'm a fan of short and sweet.

Ashlee @ DearieLovie said...

I rocked the long bob freshman/sophmore year of college. I've just now grown my hair out junior year. However, these are totally making me want to cut it again. If I were to do the long bob again, then I'd definitely add elements of the ombre I'm currently rocking. I love it too much to part with it yet.

Madelynn Hackwith Furlong said...

Thanks for the shout out on the cut! I have had my cut for a good two years now and still love it every day :)

xx Madelynn
(wide eyed legless)

orchidgrey said...

LOVE it. I've been tempted to do something similar for summer. Shorter hair is so much easier!

Eline Dekyvere said...

I chopped my hair of recently, and I'm still looking for fun ways to style it :)

Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos said...

This cut is my favorite! I need a serious hairstyle intervention right now and along bob with a heavy bang is just what this girl needs. I'm totally showing my hair girl the middle right look. LOVE!