The Alt Summit Carnival Party

Welcome to our Carnival Party at Alt Summit!  Oh my gosh, it was madness.  It's been about 2 weeks since Alt and few, I'm still pooped from it :)  By the time these photos were taken, our room had been flooded with hundreds of people over the course of 2 hours and the room was crazy packed through that entire period!  Nothing gets bloggers more excited than free gifts and Ryan Gosling :)  Can you spot Ryan in the photo above?  We got a cardboard cut out of Ryan Gosling and Chelsey and I constructed a photo booth so that Alt attendees could come get their photo taken with Ryan.  It was a HUGE hit and we should have the photos up and available soon.

For the Carnival Party, I was a fortune teller, Chelsey was a beared woman, and Whitney was a ring top leader.  Goofy?  Funny?  Cute?  Whatever, we have fun.  We were so completely exhausted from setting it up ALL week that by this point, we were running on spastic leftover energy gathered from the droppings of unicorns.

It took me about 1 bajillion hours to make that glitter carnival light up sign above.  It was so sparkly and pretty, I wish I had reason to keep it but I ended up giving it to my friend Audrey who loves hosting parties.  This light up sign might have been a major factor in the culmination of my getting really sleepy goofy by the end of the week.

We had some majorly adorable treats at the party, popcorn in old time-y popcorn boxes, multicolored cotton candy, mini hot dogs and more.  Chelsey found the yummy cotton candy on Etsy, it's made my Sweetopia.  As you can see by the photos below, despite the fact that we got tons of bags of cotton candy, Alt attendees went nuts over it!

Because our room was so busy busy with people all night, I didn't get to really check out any of the other party rooms except for 2 during the parties which is a bummer.  But at the same time, I got to meet a ton of ladies and gents as they flowed through our room.  We had over 500 gifts to giveaway and we were almost completely cleared out after about two and a half hours of non-stop madness.  Phew!

I wanna say a HUGE thank you to all our friends who stopped by our room to help set up during the week: Yvonne, Jen, Alix, Morgan, and more!  And thank you to our partners and all the amazing companies we worked with to make the party a huge success:  Utah Tent Rental, Zazzle, Warby Parker, Minnetonka Moccasins, Land of Nod, and of course the girls on my team at MooreaSeal.com.

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Ashlee @ DearieLovie said...

This looks like it was the best time! Glad we finally got a sneak peak into the party! I love all the decor and especially the Ryan Gosling photo booth. Best idea ever? I think yes.