Shoes Now Available at MooreaSeal.com!

While I was in Las Vegas two weeks ago, I decided we needed to start stocking shoes in the store because they are one of my very favorite accessories.  I love love love shoes!  So as of today, we now have a select few style of shoes available online!  The first line of shoes we are stocking in the store are from Dolce Vita.  Real leather and very well made.

This sandal is super soft and perfect for Spring sunshine.  Everyone on our staff was really pleased with how they fit each of our different feet sizes and shapes.  Jessie on our staff has petite and narrow feet at a size 6 1/2 and she liked how sturdy these sandals are while still being comfortable.  I have large and wide feet with a really high arch at 9 1/2.  I like that the straps on the sandals are loose enough to not cramp my feet at all and that they are super soft.  Plus I'm a big fan of mixing brown and black leathers.  I know a lot of ladies have been taught to not mix the two, but I love it.  You can wear these with just a black t-shirt and jeans or a grey dress and a loose patterned scarf, the black and brown leather combo goes with everything.

I chose these beautiful heels with a variety of women in mind.  The heels on these shoes are super sturdy and really easy to walk in because your feet are so nicely wrapped up in the soft leather straps.  I have some cheap strappy heels that are kind of like these, but when my feet swell up while wearing them, they make my feet hurt really badly.  The straps on these heels are so soft and have the perfect balance of strength and movement so no pain, only comfort.  I think these are a great pair of shoes for simple girls looking to add a bit of edge to their look.  And on the flip side, for you edgier girls, these are a serious staple shoe to have in your closet.  Jessie, Jenette, Tram and I are all so obsessed with these shoes.

The Mattia flats are just perfection for Spring time.  I'm having a hard time waiting awhile to buy these for myself because they are so perfect.  I'm ready for warm weather in the PNW to throw these on with jean shorts, a loose top, a stack of bangles and a wide brimmed hat.  These shoes, like the other pairs, are true to size.  But because I have really wide feet and because my feet tend to swell a lot in the summer and when I'm really active, I'd probably get these in a 10 so there is that extra room for summer heat swelling.  These shoes have a nice soft cushioning on the inside too so I'd imagine you could wear these for hours and hours having fun in the sun with no problem at all.

If you're looking for a perfect bag to invest in for the Spring, Summer and Fall to go with your favorite shoes, THESE are the bags you want.  Marketa is one of our favorite brands in our store, so much that multiple ladies our our staff have multiple bags by Marketa!  I think these are the perfect pairing to go with the shoes we just got in the store without being too matchy matchy.  The leather on these bags is insanely luscious and soft while also being durable and sturdy.  Each bag has a nice strong canvas lining with a few pockets too.  Really guys, these bags are THE best, not only are they handmade, they are extremely well made.  We love Marketa.

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Ashley said...

So obsessed with ALL the bags. I'm into neutrals hardcore, right now!

xo Ashley