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Hot Summer Nights

Marni lace blouse / T By Alexander Wang shorts / Suede pumps / Brown handbag / Gold plated jewelry / Stackable ring / Beaded Bracelet / Pendant jewelry / Bohemian jewelry / Floppy hat / Too Faced Cosmetics matte eyeshadow / Trouvé Magazine Vol. 02

The ladies on my staff and I have been playing around on Polyvore lately, experimenting with creating outfit inspiration using products from our store. It's been kind of fun reliving using various websites and things that I used to use on my blog many years ago, Polyvore being one of those sites. It's reminding me of why I used to blog, documenting things I love, dreaming and envisioning a closet of beautiful things I couldn't afford, haha. Well, that was just a tiny part of why I started my blog in the first place. It was also a space for me to journal and reflect. My blog originally was called "the Rumination Reading Room." It was a space to think and and an arena to really get out of my head, jotting down thoughts I couldn't fully realize until I had written it all out. I'm someone who needs a lot of encouragement to play, and blogging is a space that gives me that freedom to explore. I want to regain that play, that exploration and output of thoughts. So hey, you might see some fun polyvore collections in the coming weeks.

Dark Night

Along with that note on getting back into blogging, THANK YOU for all your sweet comments on the last post! You know, as blogging has morphed and changed SO much over the last 6+ years, one thing that I think made a lot of people lose steam on their blogs in the last few years is that we all rarely comment on each others blogs anymore. When Twitter popped up, it gave people a new space to chat quickly. Then there's of course Facebook, Pinterest, and most recently Instagram. Lord, now there are a million video apps and I feel too old to keep up, ha! I love Instagram and it is so convenient as almost micro blogging. It's easier and faster jumping around and commenting on people's photos. But not much content can be contained there.


I think when Instagram came about, we all super slowed down on commenting on blogs that we loved, and reading blogs all together! I know I did. So it was nice feeling that big welcome back to blogging from all you guys who were kind enough to read my last post and comment :) Love you to bits ladies!

So I would love to know from here, what would you guys like to see from me on this here old bloggy blog now that I am back? I want to bring back the 52 Lists Project especially since I am publishing the series in book form this Fall! More on that later :) I'd love to bring back outfit posts as I think those are a really fun way to highlight some of my favorite accessories from my store mooreaseal.com. I'll be writing more personal stories of course, are there any topics you'd like me to focus on? Small business, women's empowerment, mental health? I want this space to be actually engaging because that's what makes blogging fun for me. So let me hear your thoughts!
xo moorea

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