This is Growing Up

Pretty Play

Pretty Play by mooreaseal featuring white sunglasses
Rebecca Taylor white sweater / T By Alexander Wang shorts / Jeffrey Campbell white shoes / Alexander Wang leather bag / Maison Margiela ring / Earrings / Sabre white sunglasses / Facial mask

Summer is coming and I'm dreaming of a day laying in the sunshine in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel. Can ya feel me? It's my birthday on June 21st and woof, I'll be celebrating my last 29th year before I hit my 30s! I'm happy to grow older. I don't really care about my body aging, looks, whatever. Ok, maybe I care a little, I am human. But it's by no means a big deal to me to simply grow old and have my body age with time. I do care that I've at least accomplished a few specific things by the time I hit certain ages. I have always given myself lofty goals. And I've faced plenty of challenges in attaining those goals. For most of my 20s, I have been extremely career focused. I have wanted to create a job for myself that requires creativity, problem solving, constant learning and adapting, self confidence, compassion, and lots more. I have wanted to be challenged and good lord did I do that for myself, haha. I went from a shy, anxious, college grad with a degree in Illustration in 2009 and eating spaghetti for most meals, to a medium sized business owner with 14 people on her staff in 2015.

I'm not rolling in the dough, splurging on exotic vacations and shopping sprees thanks to my store mooreaseal.com's success. I'm just like I have always been, cautious but equally adventurous, investing the right things in the right places to get a bigger pay off later down the line. I invest back into my business, into the staff on my team, give to charities, and I live frugally. Through our Do Good, Do Great platform in my business, we are giving thousands and thousands of dollars to charity this year and I am SO happy about that! The amount I am paying myself is almost equal to the amount we are giving to charity. Pretty rad right? I treat myself every once and awhile, but just like anyone else on my staff, I am an employee of my own company and we all have similar paychecks. We're still technically a start up having just reached our 2 year mark. But by living cautiously as a company and as individuals, we have been able to do things that most new companies haven't been able to do. Most new businesses don't make a profit in the first 3 years. We did it in the first month.

Someday I hope to buy a home with my sweetheart, to have 2 kids and a white picket fence. I guess that I do crave that "American Dream" thing. I want stability and adventure. I want it all! Haha. Oh, dear. We all determine our own destiny, we map our lives and shit happens and we re-work things. I am definitely planning focused but I also have enough history of wild things happening outside of my control that I know that my plans are not perfect predictors of my future. Really, my plans are barely a cherry on top of the life I have, the life I live, and the future I may get.
I dream about vacations in the sunshine with my future kids. I dream about taking my fiancé to my home village in England. I dream about a season of life where I can relax ;) But I also know myself and the life I have had so far, and relaxing is not particularly the theme I have seen running through things, haha. Fulfilling and wild, for sure as the main theme of the journey. But still some wonderful moments of relaxation amidst the crazy too.

I'm excited to grow older, to turn 29 this year, to get married, raise my puppy, expand my store, grow morph and change however I need to. As long as I have opportunity to change and learn, my life will be full. The hardest years in my life were ones where I felt like I couldn't progress in the ways that I wanted to. Childhood was not a breeze for me. And I've been excited to grow older, attaining new responsibilities with each coming day since I can first remember.

Thank you to those of you who have taken time out of your busy lives to read my blog, to shop my store, watch as my crappy jewelry beginnings turned into a blossoming handmade business, listen to the music I used to once make, check out the illustrations I used to draw and the blogs I used to design. Thank you for following my wild journey, encouraging me when times were hard and celebrating with me during each little and big triumph. Like anyone else, I have terrible heartbreaking days filled with loss and pain. But the joys of my life outweigh it all. And I know it couldn't have reach this beautiful point of being without your love and support. This is growing up, learning what gratefulness truly means. And I feel it all. Love you.

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