OMG. I wrote a BOOK: The 52 Lists Project!

Well guys, I've been pretty quite on the blog for the last year or so. And you know what I did with that time? I wrote a freakin' book! In May of last year, I proposed the idea of transforming the ever popular 52 Lists Project that I've done on my blog in 2013 and 2014 into a real life book and my favorite publisher Sasquatch Books said YES! the 52 Lists Project is now a journal filled with gorgeous hand drawn fonts, illustrations, photography and of course, 52 lists accompanied by thought provoking prompts and ways to take action to transform your life.

In the past, I wasn't able to keep up with the 52 Lists Project on my blog because of opening mooreaseal.com and then opening a brick and mortar store. No big, I wasn't busy at all ;) But I really missed working on this project on my own and engaging with so many inspiring and encouraging women who also loved participating in the 52 Lists Project. So I thought, you know, we can totally transform this into a journal. So we did! And to keep that community element going, we created the #52ListsProject hashtag! I managed to snag the wonderful, sweet, and incredibly creative Julia Manchik to do all the photography and illustrations so I could just focus on content and the overall design, art direction, and photoshoot direction. And I gained such a sweet friendship out of our creative partnership.

I am a really lucky first time author, guys. A lot of times, when a person publishes their first book, they have little to no control over the overall design and vision of the book. Crappy, right? By some magic, I was lucky enough to work with a publisher who truly believed in my creative vision and let me art direct the entire process. I chatted with so many other authors about their experiences writing their first book and I was blown away by the bad experiences so many people had. I went in expecting to have a lot of my ideas shot down, based off of advice and experience from other people. But to my happy surprise, I can say for a fact that I loved every single minute writing the journal and art directing. And it perfectly embodies everything that I wanted. Thank you Hannah Elnan, my book editor, for pushing me when I needed it as it only inspired me more and helped me to clarify my vision. Thank you for believing in my vision and my voice. I can say truthfully that I gained multiple friends out of working on this book all together. I feel so lucky.

M E  +  J U L I A ! 

Well now that I've emoted just how special the whole experience of writing it truly was, how about if I share more about the book itself! Inside you will find 52 lists that are split up into 4 seasonal sections. I spent a lot of time thinking about the sorts of universal questions, celebrations and hardships that most people go through throughout the changing seasons. I know for myself, in the Winter, I still feel like I am hibernating and planning for the year ahead and what I want. In Spring I am seeking a way to center myself and refresh. In the Summer I search for ways to look outward, discover myself and explore the world around me. And in the Fall I like to take time to reflect on where I have been and what I want to be proud of and comforted by.

And the book is laid out just like that! Just like my 52 lists blog project, Each week of the year is counted for in the book, and a list prompt has been chosen thoughtfully to meet you right where you are as you navigate your year ahead. No more negative self talk in the Winter as the winter blues set in, list the happiest moments of your life so far to remember what brings you joy. No more stressing about cleaning your house or getting fit in the Spring, why not focus on what cleanses your mind? In the Fall, no more stressing about family get togethers and holiday expectations, list out your your greatest comforts and get back to your inner peace. :)

I want this journal to become your new best friend, that companion that is always by your side reminding you that only YOU dictate your happiness, your strength, positivity, and power. You have SO many amazing insights already inside of you, and with the 52 Lists Project, you get to discover those insights in the clearest and easiest ways, simply listing out your thoughts and taking action to turn that list into a source of wisdom and empowerment.

You can pre-order the 52 lists Project now on my website mooreaseal.com. We had already sold well over 100 copies so far before I even got to tell my blog followers. Woah. SO, because of that, we are extending the opportunity to get a signed copy of the journal if you are within the first 200 people to pre-order the journal! So head over now and grab your copy!

I'm SO excited to hear what you think of it as I know so many people have wanted me to re-start the project on my blog. Here's an even better way shaped in the form of a beautiful book and keepsake. So excited!

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