Alright guys, IT'S ON. Our biggest sale of the year is here at mooreaseal.com! We're offering up to 70% off across our entire site from today (Friday) through Sunday at midnight, PST! I woke up this morning to see that we already have a bajillion orders coming through and I'm feeling insanely grateful for all of the love our store is getting this holiday season. Every single purchase that one of you makes means we can give more and more financially to the non-profits we believe in. 7% of all proceeds go to non-profits from our store. And the more and more you invest in us, the more we can provide for our customers and I hard working staff.

I dream of building a company that not only does great things for the people in the company, providing opportunities and fulfillment through what we create, but also a company that does amazing things for people in need. Someday I dream of doing something major for kids in foster care. I don't know what it will be yet, but since I was 3 I have dreamed of doing something. My first dream job and just life dream was starting an orphanage. I have notebooks filled with detailed drawings of each room I would create, how I would style each child's bedroom room unique to their style, how I would build the worlds best technology room, play room, dining room for hundreds of kids. And I don't know if the US needs more orphanages as we have the foster care system. But I have seen so much heartbreak within the foster care system that I just want to do something big to get kids out of unhealthy homes and into a space that feels like it can support their dream childhood. When someone purchases something from mooreaseal.com, I don't just get excited for each purchase, I get more and more hopeful that as a company, we can do something really big for kids in need someday beyond how we already financially give to non-profits we believe in.

Thank you for shopping small this season, supporting a small business that dreams of being big and doing big. We live our motto everyday, "Do Good, Do Great." And with your support, we can do even more good and even greater as a company for years to come. Thanksgiving week has got me feeling real damn grateful. All my love.

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