Moorea Seal Influencer Spotlight: Melaine from Let them Eat Cotton Candy

It is so fun for me to see all of the different styles of our customers. Melanie from Let Them Eat Cotton Candy is one of our Influencers all the way in Germany! I love how sleek, minimal and sporty her style is. A lot of the ladies on our operations team have a somewhat similar style, very clean and minimal with lots of black. A really interesting thing about owning a retail store online and a store front is learning about all of our different customers styles. I'd say that we have 3 specific sorts of looks that we curate in the shop and Melanie is a beautiful example of our more minimal girl. She takes products that I love but don't quite know how to style in my closet, pairs their with really sleek clothing and styling and comes up with a look that is both sporty and elegant all in one. I think, at this point, our Harstine Backpack was basically made for her :)

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