Moorea Seal Influencer Spotlight: Julie from Orchid Grey

I've known Julie from Orchid Grey for many years now. It's crazy how the world of blogging has grown and grown since I first started this blog back in 2009, or was it 2008? I'm still friends with so many of the ladies I met many years ago through blogging and Julie is one of those rare treasures I consider a legit friend, not just a blog acquaintance. We've been roomies at conferences together, endured the sweltering heat in Austin, TX during a fashion blogger conference a few years ago, and kept up on each others lives on Facebook. And now, she's one of my store's featured influencers!

Her style has always inspired me. If I had a different body type, I'd so copy every single look she wears. Julie and I are both tall girls but with different body types, we both love a solid 70's nod in our style but we get to style it different ways true to us. I'm all about appreciating how different women can wear different looks, not as a way to critique my own body but rather to celebrate how everyone has the unique opportunity to celebrate their specific look, body, personality, and aesthetic. And I think Julie totally nails a badass, no fuss, creative celebration-of-self style. She's rad to the core. And she pulls off our kookiest sunglasses like a boss. UGH, she's amazing, I love her!

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