52 Lists // List #1. List Your Goals and Dreams for the Year

I can't tell you how excited I am to start my first list from my own book! For those of you who have followed my blog for many years, can you even believe this? ...That I got the chance to turn my online project into a real life journal? I was shocked when the opportunity arose and I am still shocked now. The 52 Lists Project is a real life freakin' book. And it has been selling like mad! I mean, I hold wildly high expectations for myself. But 52 Lists has forced me to create a new goal everyday with it's rise in sales and media chatter and I might have ended up crying in my bathroom the other night because I'm just so shocked and happy and grateful for it's success. It's blowing my mind.

Well, let's get chatting about our lists!
Quite obviously, for the first list of the year, I wanted it to match what most people are contemplating at the start of a new year. "List your goals and dreams for the year." I decided to split my list into two lists, one for my personal life and one for work. It's my nature to just focus on my business goals as I am such an introvert in my private life and prefer my time away from work to be very flexible. But I think sometimes that leaves me feeling very tired in my time off, without a goal or intention. And I don't think that helps depression or anxiety either! So here are my lists for my personal and work goals for 2016! What? It's already 2016? Still so weird.

- Focus on pursuing happiness above all else.
- Go on a honeymoon with my husband!
   We got married in October
- Try to do something different every night than the night before.
   I'm super mellow at home and could watch reality tv all night every night. Probably not the best thing for me.
- Document the fun things I do with friends and family this year.
  I have a private Instagram account but I rarely ever use it. I want to take more photos of the fun things that I do in my personal life so I can look back on the year and remember all of the good times!
- Invest more in my personal style.
  I used to love getting dressed every day and trying out new styles. These days, again, I'm pretty lazy with my style. Hmm, I need to fight harder to not be lazy in my persona life.
- Be proud of myself and unafraid when I go against the grain.
  I think this applies to a lot in my personal life. I am very confident and determined in my work life, but much more timid on a personal level. If I can do what I have done in work, I want to be able to apply that to my personal life too.
- Read more books.
   For some reason, I lost my passion for reading over the last few years. Again, I think it might relate to laziness, wanting to just zone out at night and watch funny shows? 
- Plan more dates with Max.
  We are both introverts and really easy going. But doing the same things every night gets old! Variety is the spice of life and I want to pursue that more.
- Plan more events with friends.
  We moved outside of Seattle last summer and it definitely bums me out and makes me miss living close to friends. I want to be more intentional about spending time with friends and unafraid of the time it takes to get to see them.

So with each list in my journal, there is a prompt for a way to take action. To me this is just as important if not even more important that the lists themselves! I am not going to write out the actions here because, well, then I'm basically giving you no reason to get the journal for yourself haha. But I will write out my personal goal each week and how I want to take action from my list, or lists in this case!

So my personal goals list definitely shouted one thing out to as being most prominent when I started reflecting on my individual lists. I think somehow laziness has become entwined with fear for me in my personal life. When I was younger, I loved dressing all sorts of crazy and creative because it felt like the most honest expression of me. When people didn't take me seriously in my goals or in my personality, I used fashion as a way to combat self judgement. And as of the last few years, I think because I have found great self expression in my work, I have let my personal confidence in how I dress, and really just who I am, fall to the wayside. In work I am very outgoing, assertive, focused, driven, goal oriented and expressive. Well, sometimes timid, but mostly driven. But in my personal life, I am actually very timid about people getting to know me and I'm always nervous people will think I'm weird. Because I am! haha.
You know what I want? I want to not let nervousness a fear of judgement and criticism in my personal life turn into laziness and hiding away. What am I, a hermit? No. This week I want to find joy in getting dressed in the morning and I want to get more creative with what I wear. I want to boost my self confidence through my outfits. I can't afford to buy new clothes right now. But I can work with what I have and if I like something, I don't want to be embarrassed about it! I don't NEED to be embarrassed about it if I like it. Also on that note, I've always been very embarrassed showing my curves. I want to kick that fear in the ass too. Moorea, embrace who you are, giiirl. #Narcissism2016. Doin' it.

Well, now that I look at my Business list, I guess I do also need confidence in work as I so clearly stated at the top, haha. Uuuuugh, why do we as women struggle so easily with confidence? I'm going to kick self doubt in the ass this year. So #Narcissim2016 it truly is.
- Confidence!
- Write 2 more books!
  Yep, that is a legit goal of mine. I'd like to write and finish one book and start a second one. I already have a contract signed for one and I'm in chats with my publisher for the 3rd book right now.
- Develop multiple wholesale lines: high end jewelry, home/office goods, 52 Lists accessories etc.
  I already have ideas and drawings, and I promise I will I have make some exciting things happen by the Fall of 2016.
- Make more moola.
  I still pay myself the same amount I was making a few years ago when I ran my business all on my own. I want to really push my biz to the next level this year so that my whole team and I can really thrive financially. People always assume that I own a home because I have a successful business. Nope, still renting, still drive my car I inherited from my grandma, still paying off those college loans! But because my retail site and store front are only 2 years old, I think it's waaaay more important to reinvest in my business than just spoil myself. Hopefully I'll get to do that sometime in the future but for now, I pinch my pennies. 
- Do lots of speaking engagements.
  I've gotten to do a few speaking engagements in the past at blogging conferences and events around Seattle. But I've got a bunch booked for the Spring of 2016 and I can't wait! I really love speaking at events, and more preferably in Q&A settings rather than having to prepare a speech.
- Enjoy a more focused and planned out year ahead.
  This, I am really looking forward to. Now that I am entering into my 3rd year of business with mooreaseal.com, we are at that point where we can really take off and do it in a very purposeful and planned way. It's really nice entering a phase in business where we can reflect back on two years worth of work to project so much farther into the future.
- Travel more and do more creative events.
  Traveling for work can definitely be exhausting, but since it's pretty much the only sort of travel I do, (besides traveling for weddings) it's also exciting and lots of fun too!
- Remain peaceful and unafraid when big things happen.
  This is a major goal for me. Sometimes, that fight or flight response can kick in even when immensely great things are happening for me. I can sometimes allow worries and anxieties overshadow the wonderful thing happening in the present. That is such a waste of time. I feel like I have worked on this a lot in the last year or two and I think this year is going to be a year of blossoming in that battle. And the success of the 52 Lists Project journal has definitely been a beautiful challenge for me to remain grateful and happy in the moment rather than worrying about criticism or a sudden end to all the wonderful things that are happening. 

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am very introspective haha. And the 52 Lists Project really helps me to manage that introspection and self analyzation in a healthy way. Sometimes the things you list can seem obvious or easy, but if you really take sometime to go over each line thinking about WHY you wrote it down, I bet you will discover some serious insight! I realized in my Business goals list that following through really seems like the most important challenge to face. I need to follow through in the projects I set for myself, the events I attend and participate in, and the goals I set for my company. But above all, following through in my inner goals will be the greatest benefit for my business. A peace filled, centered and focused Moorea is the best asset to my company. And I'm going to pursue that centered, driven, and joyful self hard this year! :)

So, what were your lists for the first week of the year? (I guess Jan 4th is technically the start of the first week of the year as the internet told me.) Feel free to leave a comment below with your list, what you've learned so far, and/or a link to your blog post if you posted about the 52 Lists Project: Week 1. I am so excited to see all your lists and hear how you grow over the coming months as you use the 52 Lists Project! Yippy!

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