I'm my Alma Mater's Alumni of the Last Decade!

I feel very honored to say that I am my alma mater Seattle Pacific University's Alumni of the Last Decade for 2016. Some of my best friends secretly worked behind my back over the last year submitting my name for the opportunity to be honored as the GOLD Alumni (graduate of the last decade) and I was so shocked when my friend Allie told me about all the work she went to to try and get my name in the running. And a month after she told me, I was even more shocked to find that SPU chose me as their Alumni of the Year! I would have never imagined that I would have this honor but I'm so grateful for the opportunity.
This weekend is Alumni and Homecoming weekend at my alma mater so I will be participating in a bunch of fun and funny events including an awards luncheon where they will be sharing this video above to everyone who attends. I hope that you enjoy the little interview I did with SPU! I feel like my voice isn't normally that deep but maybe I was just in super serious mode and was trying to focus haha. Thank you to David Rither who filmed and edited it!

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