Manzanita Selfies - My Wedding Part 1

It's been about 3 1/2 months since our wedding and I'm finally feeling recouped enough to start sharing some of the stories and photos from the wedding, haha. As you can guess, juggling the release of my book, being head boss of 12 staff members and running an online retail site and a store front all has taken a bit of work! Oh yea, and caring for my sweet pup and being MARRIED, wooo!!!! It's all a lot of work and it's all a lot of joy :)

Anyway, I want to share with you the amazing behind the scenes snaps that we got at our wedding thanks to my friend Rebecca Caridad's new business, Manzanita Selfies. Rebecca is an incredible photographer and she came up with the genius idea of Manzanita Selfies last year. She sends you a selfie stick with a high quality point and shoot camera for your event and all you have to do is turn it on and start using it! She gives you some good tips for getting your friends and family to pass around the stick by having someone at your wedding/event be the point person for passing the stick around. But everyone at our wedding was doing an amazing time naturally of just passing it along throughout the reception and our dance party. And we got some amazing photos because of it! After the wedding, all we had to do was put the selfie stick back in the package it came in with the pre-paid label and we sent it back to Rebecca to go through, curate the "best of" and then edit. She sent us digital files straight away and our photo book that she put together is coming this week, which we are so excited to receive!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the wedding using the Manzanita Selfie stick. I'm so grateful we were one of the first couples to get to use Rebecca's new feature in her growing business. I don't think I would have even thought of doing something like this if Rebecca hadn't let me know she had just started her selfie biz but I am SO glad we had it at our wedding. I'm such a goofy person and getting to capture that side of so many of our friends and family in candid photos is such a cute and hilarious treasure from such a special day. It was also so dang cute seeing how the selfie stick really got people laughing and chatting with people they may have not otherwise gotten to know at the wedding. I watched people pass it around the whole evening and it was so incredibly sweet watching people laugh together at their photos and pass it on to the next person. I wanted our wedding to be relaxed, comfortable and full of joy and I can say for sure that having the selfie stick there totally helped people get a little silly and more relaxed.

Me and some of my besties from Seattle.
This is the photo that was being taken in the first photo that Marissa captured.
Brandon! One of our Seattle besties.
My sisters and my cousin
Quality selfie by two of my best friends. Sorry for posting this on the internet Amy + Allie, hehe.
There is nothing cuter in the world than grandmas taking selfies. None of my grandparents are living, sadly, so it was SO special having Max's grandma and great aunt at the wedding. They're so cute!
Friends re-uniting.
How many cuties can you fit in a selfie?
Max's mom and my mom. These girls are dangerous when they get together, haha.
Max and his sister in law Ginnie. I married him for his fierce eyebrows and jawline.
We had a pretty incredible cake and Max and I didn't really get to it in time before everyone demolished it. We were busy dancing. Whoops. And yes, I made an outfit change for dancing because I need to moooove.
Some of my favorite Seattlites.
Selfies with babies might be equally cute as selfies of grandmas. Jessy is my oldest friend of all time, we met a year after I moved to the U.S. when I was a kid. And now she has 2 kids of her own! So special.
Why be serious when you can be not serious. My high school best friends are forever soul sisters. I've had the not so fortunate experience of reading anonymous comments on the internet before about how I was "so awkward in high school." Good news folks, I'm still awkward and goofy and I like it and my friends like it and that's all that matters. :)
One of my best friends' son ran around with the selfie stick by himself and took selfies and I was dying with laughter watching him. So cute!
Yikes. Haha. These guys.
When the dancing started, things started getting really hilarious with the selfie stick. This is my Seattle bestie Allie and my god daughter Emily and her hot mama from my hometown. Selfie sticks bring people together, ya'll.
If you look closely, there are tons of sparkles all over the floor in the background. I got some glitter party poppers from BHLDN that were SO FUN to play with while we danced. You'll also notice my ridiculous face in the photo and I'm already guessing that you're thinking, she's wasted. FALSE. I barely drank anything at my wedding because I was busy having too much fun!
Max and his dad. The most precious goofy pair.
Best photo of the night goes to Ginne and me, I think. I'm glad I get to become a part of another family with badass ladies like this one in it. She is a night nurse in the ICU. That takes some serious strength and I admire her so much for it.

Max and I managed to not get any candid photos together the whole evening, hah! We were running around having so much fun with our family and friends that we honestly didn't spend that much time together on the big day. But that's kind of a good representation of who we are. We have been together for 6 years and what drew us together in the first place was that we both were independent spirits. We truly admire one another. For us, our wedding was a celebration of the individuals that we are and how we love, respect, and support each other and are dedicated to one another. We are confident in who we are as singular people and as partners, and it is easy for us to love one another because we are confident in trusting one another. We're silly and serious, and every other contradiction you can come up with. We are happy together, and happy apart. And just like the complexities of who we are, our wedding felt like the perfect representation of a whole lot of things that maybe wouldn't make sense on paper but perfectly flowed together when it all came to life. 

Thank you Rebecca + Manzanita Selfies for giving us the chance to capture all of these hilarious moments from our wedding day that we just wouldn't have had without the selfie stick. These photos feel just as much like us and our community as the more classic wedding photos that Marissa Maharaj took at our wedding (those photos are coming soon!) I'm so glad we have both sets of photos that represent us within our community so well in varying ways.

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