New Bling for Spring

I'm soooooo obsessed with these rings and earrings we just got into the store. This Winter and Spring, I am craving craving craving some variety in my wardrobe. And dang it, I'm on a tight budget because we are saving for our honeymoon. So just like with my first reasoning in starting my own jewelry business 7 years ago, adding variety to my outfits with affordable jewelry is the way I'm going for Spring. And my mission this Spring is embracing my femininity.

For some reason, I am super duper shy when it comes to embracing and sharing femininity. I'm really curvy in some areas and very lanky in other ways, and I'm really shy about revealing my body's curves. I have this fear that by dressing more girly that I won't be taken as seriously, that women will judge me for my body type, that I will be thought less of for how my body just is. Oh, and I use laziness as a great excuse for not dressing how I reaaally want to dress. So I really want to kick my own ass this Spring and combat my fears by just GOING FOR IT with whatever I want to do, how I want to dress, how I present myself to the world, the whole she-bang. I like how I look when I wear red lipstick, so dammit, I'm wearing red lipstick more. I'm forcing myself to be ok with standing out in a crowd and I am pursuing feeling really good about myself, unafraid of judgement, and livin' it up. I wish I had a million bucks to just spend on fancy clothing, but I've got a business to invest it and bills just like anyone else. So for now, I'm treating myself to little things that push me out of my comfort zone and make me feel like a badass lady who owns exactly who she is. And for me that means: red lipstick, a million little sparkling earrings and rings, rose gold everything, and a promise to wear more dresses and things that show off my curves. I want to be proud of me in my skin. I'm on a mission. And as silly as it is, wearing a bunch of sparkly jewelry is starting me off on that journey.
Let's do this, bling. Self love, empowerment-fest 2016. I'm on it.

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