52 Lists for Happiness!

So in my last blog post... last month for April Fools... I announced my FAKE new book "The 52,000 Lists Project." Heehee, I had a surprising amount of friends and fans who legitimately thought it was real! Holy crap, you guys. I would need a lot longer than a few months for even a few years to come up with 52,000 list prompts to fill an entire book. Also, that sounds like the world's most overwhelming journal and I would never want to force that sort of torment upon anyone. Let's just stick with 52 Lists a year ;)

So for reals guys, I HAVE written a new book, and it comes out this Fall in September! It's called 52 Lists for Happiness and I'm so so so excited that I get to turn 52 Lists into a series of journals inspired by my own pursuits, experiences, and areas where I myself want to learn to be my best and most balanced self. It means so much to me that I get to invest time into really researching the sorts of ideas that I can convey through fun and interesting prompts, the sorts of prompts that I think will be most encouraging, inspiring and helpful for you.

I've started sharing more about my life, my work, behind the scenes and stories about what I do and why I do what I do on Snapchat and Periscope lately. You can find me on both apps with my user name @mooreaseal. And today I did a little live chat on Periscope, sharing what motivated me to create the 52 Lists series in the first place.  You can watch it here! It was a little glitchy in the first 3 1/2 minutes, but I ended up moving outside and sat right outside my store so the cell reception was better, haha. So hopefully you find the video interesting, candid, and helpful in learning about my inspiration for my books. I get real honest! You know me ;)

Anyway, you can now pre-order 52 Lists for Happiness on MooreaSeal.com and the first 600 copies will be signed by me! 
You're welcome to scoop up a couple copies for friends and family or just grab one for yourself. They start shipping in September! I really hope you love #52HappyLists as much as my first journal, #52ListsProject. Both of these books are true labors of love. I really throw my heart into writing and crafting these books and it means the world to me that at this point, the 52 Lists Project has 100,000 copies printed in only about 6 months since it's release! So many people all over the world are using the journal I wrote to improve their lives and find encouragement and empowerment within themselves. I'm so honored I get to do this, and so honored that so many people love using my book. And I can't wait to hear and see how my second journal becomes special to people all over the world.

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