What I Wore: My First Cropped Top!

Since we just started carrying clothing on my retail site mooreaseal.com, I figure it's about time I get back into sharing what I actually wear in real life! Do you want to see my very first outfit post ever? What a dork, that was 7 years ago when I was 23 and deep in a super vintage/Zooey Deschanel phase. Ah youth.
These days, my outfits are usually a bit more casual, bohemian and rustic with a touch of 70s or 60s vintage inspiration. On a trip to LA recently, my buying team convinced me to get some bell bottoms which I haven't worn in YEARS, but they were right. These have become a go to in my wardrobe ever since I bought them. I've always been too scared to wear a cropped top but paired with high wasted pants, I think I can do it and be a little less afraid.

This top is called the Front Tie Striped Top and seriously everyone on my staff is obsessed with it, especially our sales team. Our sales associate Marissa (who is also an AMAZING photographer) just bought this top too and I can't wait to see how she styles it. What makes this top so great is that is suits tons of different body types. I'm 5'9" and very busty. I wear a 30H bra size. So finding tops that fit both my waist and boobs is a nightmare. I usually need to wear a size medium top to fit my boobs and this top is a size Small (At places like Forever 21 I'm usually a large, Nordstrom I'm usually a medium. Oh the world of brands and their sizing, so confusing.) It's meant to be kind of loose and then you tie the tie to whatever looseness you want, so I could actually get away with wearing a Medium too if I wanted an overall slightly looser look. Its nice that this top suits a ton of different body shapes. I like the tie pretty tight to show my waist, and being that I'm pretty tall, this hits me right just above my high wasted jeans for the perfect crop. Marissa is around 5'2" and it looks sooo cute on her and hits her right at her waist. She wears an X-Small.

I also paired it with my favorite wide brimmed hat with a soft shell top called the Gambier Hat by Herschel. I usually go for a more structured wide brimmed hat like our Morley Hat (I own it in 4 different colors. HA!) But I like the softness of this hat with this top. And of course, my favorite Punched Pouch by Pine + Boon. I've known Jess, the owner and founder of Pine + Boon, for going on ten years now! We went to college together, were both Art majors, my store was the first to stock her line and she even worked with us as a sales associate for a season. She's amazing.

Anyway, what do you think guys? Should I get back into the Outfit Post game on my blog? I really do miss it and I haven't done on one my blog in 3 YEARS! Geeze. Time to get back in ;)

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