Wanderlust Woman and Western Ruminations + A Gift Guide

Tis the season for some gift guides :) I honestly get a little bored with traditional gift guides, "gifts for her" "gifts for him" though I know a lot of people dig that. It's just not how I personally shop. If you like broader categories of gift guides, I've created a ton in my store, mooreaseal.com if you want to check them out! But if you're more of a gift giver based on feelings and styles, here's the first of a series I am working on for my blog! And I'm starting off with my personal favorite, the Wanderlust Western Inspired Woman. Right now I'm diggin' all things western inspired. Cactus have been trendy for quite some time now but I still love them. Since early this year, I've been really excited to see that a lot of trends from the 70s have been coming back. I'm pro-bell bottoms, high waisted pants, warm toned colors, and that mixed with Western inspired everything has been catching my fancy. I was already vibing on bolo ties and turquoise stones this Fall, and then I went to Nashville for the first time in November and ooooh boy, my love for all things Western inspired went a little nuts.

As much as I love Western inspired stuff right now, I've always had a hard time connecting to country music. I grew up in England and country music wasn't a thing there. And then I moved to a small town in the woods in Northern California and music was a major distinguisher of different people groups. My artistic and mostly very liberal friends liked underground indie music, my friends who liked hunting and dirt biking and were for the most part pretty conservative liked country and rap. I was a music snob in thinking that country and rap were somehow not for me, which is pretty close minded and snobby I'm ashamed of that now. In trying to define myself as a teenager, as we all were grasping to do at that age, I associated being liberal and progressive with what felt "different." And in my small town, different meant the opposite of Country. I still love so much of all that indie music still, so much nostalgia for late nights watching Subterranean on MTV2. But now I understand that not all country music is specifically projecting a conservative message. And in addition to that, conservative is not wrong, it's just different than me.

Music that you listen to can definitely fulfill an important part of your spirit, it can connect you to greater messages, universal truths and meanings. Music is storytelling, and what I love most is a great story. And you know what has some seriously great storytelling? Some damn good country music. I cannot stand Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, etc, pop-country. In current country music, I do love Kacey Musgraves. Love love. And that's because I love some great storytelling. lately, I've been jamming on some 70s honky tonk, Americana, Roots Rock, Outlaw Country, and some other country off shoots plus some soul, blues and hip hop. A lot of Stevie Wonder. Ahhh, he's an incredible story teller.

Music is definitely a huge influence on style in all artistic fields, from painting and drawing to fashion and home decor. Right now I am listening to a lot of The Band, Dolly Parton, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, and A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe a weird mash up, but country draws a lot from blues and Appalachian folk music, and soul and hip hop have flowed from the blues quite clearly. I've loved folk music for my whole life, from traditional Celtic music to Joni Mitchell to Devendra Banhart, not so much top 40 radio pop-folk stuff (I cannot stand The Lumineers...it just feels lacking in heart.) So in many ways, I feel the same roots come through in many storytelling musicians from folk to country to hip hop and soul. Traditional folk, traditional country, soul and hip hop not only often have so much heart but a protest spirit which I connect deeply with. Not like I'm a music aficionado in any of these styles of music, but those are just the vibes I get in general.

I could go on and on, on how music so deeply connects to our emotional states, not only influencing our beliefs and daily choices, but even influencing how we style ourselves and our homes. So after aaaaall that ruminating, I hope you dig my Wanderlust, western inspired gift guide above! You can find all these treasures in my store mooreaseal.com.

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